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The question asked is-would I be a good fitness instructor?

Ok,so,I have been planning to shift my career and go from stuyding a profession that has to do with travelling to being a professonal fitnes instructor. I am going on the opening exams for a private college in my country it is a Faculty for Sports, and as I start gathering the materials that I need I am getting really,really insecure.
My main concern is that I would not be a good personal trainer. I have trained for 6 years, however 4 of those years were dancing ( and I/m talking about having 6 dance classes a week ) and only 2 of sports ( again, 7 practices a week ) and I have acheved great results during those short 2 years,possibly year and a half. However, I really feel a lack of confidence because to be a good instructor, prior to going to the Faculty and being a student, you have to have had at least ( according to my opinion ) 6 years or more of actively pursing sports, if I do finish this college, I will be 125 which would be 5 years of being in the excersize world,but that still is not enough to me. I just feel that I don/t have the expertiece to be a fitness instructor however I have spoken to my personal trainer and she says that she sees no reason why I wouldn/t be able to do it. and I HATE feeling like I am not prepared,being prepared is a huge part of me being confident. If I dont feel prepared enough,my confidence just goes to zero.

Here is the chart.

So,yes,it is really apparent that my insecurity is playing out. Right of the bat with the Sag act I suppose I would be ''lucky'' and be a goo trainer , since that is what I asked. However, I am burned by the Sunw hich rules my 8th house ( fears ) which could hinder my preformance and show, alike the Moon in Capciron in the 1st house, that I lack confidence and that my own insecurities would actually be a diservice to my job and I believe they show I would not be good at what I do because I would constantly feel like I am not up to it,which I do feel like. Me in the sign of Taurus , Venzs,which rules my job shows that I do deep down like the job,and I do,I would like it. I dont know wheter the 10th house maybe represent my future clients?
I am also Saturn partly,and Saturn in Libra in the 10th shows me that I would be responsible, I certanly feel like I would try 10 times more than possibly someone else because,again, I want to be GOOD. And being good requires a lot fo work,work,work,work and I have a stellium in Capricorn and love to ''hustel'' and work for things,if I really want them.
All in all I think the chart is showing me that I would have luck and that I would love my profession,but that I would have to really work hard ( Saturn in the 10th ) and my insecurities would really play me down.


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Your job is signified with Ve in Ge in 7 house, job with clients. You are Ju and Moon. Ju is in Ve's sing, you really like that job. But job, Ve, is in detriment of Ju, you, so job do not "like" you, that means if you do that job you will not be award as you deserve. Also Ju is combust so your efforts will be unseen.


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Hvala fensi :)

I am worried. This is serious because exams start in the first week of July and I am going today to pick up the book I need to learn from,and preparations have begun but...I am having dangerous second thoughts.
Funny you said my efforts would go unseen, I see how that could be true,though I interpreted the Sun representing my insecurity and anxiety.
Like I said,this is a big change,we are talking about changing your chareer 180 percent,so its important for me to get opinions.

dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary practice and uses whole sign house format)

-querent = 1st house = Sagittarius = Jupiter
-career = 10th house = Virgo = Mercury
-teaching (fitness instructor) = 9th house (secondary quesited) = Leo = Sun
-Moon = querent co-significator
-Lucky Strike NN posits the querent's house (first house) = + testimony
-Sagittarius is an important "sports affinitive" sign: it is the querent's signifying sign = + testimony
-10th house significator Mercury flows toward both 9th house significator Sun and querent significator Jupiter = + testimony
-Jupiter is absorbed by the 9th house significator, the Sun ("combust"), thus querent is absorbed by the instructor (9th house) potential = + testimony
-all 3 significators are sign conjunct, with both 9th house significator Sun and 10th house significator Mercury, applying to querent significator Jupiter = + testimony
-co-significator Moon flows toward Mercury, Sun and Jupiter = + testimony
-Moon's only applying aspect is to 9th house significator, the Sun, and it is a positive applying aspect (a trine) = + testimony

All testimonies are +: answer to the question is yes, definitely so