First-time natal chart reading, feedback requested


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I just realized that I probably should have posted this in the main Natal Astrology forum rather than this sub Houses & Cusps forum. My apologies. Please move as needed.



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I see a code to unlock. Hmmm. Does a Gemini Sun in the 12th house talk to God, and have a very active prayer life or inner head dialogue? Sharing a trine with Libra the fixed air sign, is maybe a life long prayer for justice. The Ascendant and Mercury in cancer could make you a person with weight problems. The descending Saturn may be, in all situations, your need to discipline yourself and that is what you seek in others, a way to help you solve yourself. Then those Leo planets in your 3rd house might mean you're really fun to talk too and a certain kind of smart and yet a little wacky. Once you find the Sun the Solar System activates.