First Post: Mercury Retrograde?


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Hi Everybody!
This is my first post on this board and I look forward to becoming an active member and learning everything I can! Let me start by saying that I am a huge believer in Astrology and horoscopes, however, my friends and family do not share this belief! :sad: Therefore, everything that I have learned about Astrology has been self-taught and my knowledge may not be completely accurate, so bear with me! :wink:

That all brings me to the reason I am posting here.
I am a Leo female named Chelsey, and my Venus is also in Leo.
My boyfriend (oh whoops, I mean EX boyfriend!) is a Gemini with his Venus in Cancer.

Him and I are wildly compatible in every sense. He is a very loyal Gemini, and our relationship was a textbook example of fate and love at first sight. And all that cheesy stuff. We were supposed to move in together next month, and we had a future planned. I was completely blindsided by a break-up on June 24th, the very beginning of a period that I just today learned about - the Mercury Retrograde. I've spoken to him a few times since our break-up, and he has said that he "does not love" me anymore and that we will not be getting back together, ever.

I am MAJORLY struggling with this break up, and will be able to get over it in time, but this darn Mercury Retrograde has me thinking that he will be back to his old self after this period is over. I've read that Gemini's react very strongly to the MRx due to the fact that Gemini's are ruled by Mercury.

My question is - could this behavior be caused by the MRx? Is it possible (and if so, how likely) that after this period is over on July 20th, he would come around?

May sound desperate but hey, being a Leo we do not lose those we love easily. :unsure: Thanks guys.


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Without seeing either of your birth charts only a very general answer can be given.... it's possible he may feel better after the Retrograde if you give him some space. I know as a Leo Rising and knowing other Leo Risings, this Retrograde has been a tough period and it's always tough for Geminis and Virgos unless they were born with Merucry Rx in their charts. However, I've also seen breakups that happen during Retrogrades stick because the period forced the person to review why they may not be happy. So it could go either way, really. My advice is to give him plenty of space, avoid suffocating him or demanding answers, and let him come back to you when the time is right. Meanwhile, try to focus on what this Retrograde has meant for you personally. What have you been forced to review or reflect upon independent of your ex? What issues have been triggered? Fear of abandonment, codependency issues (just guessing here). That's where your attention should be.