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Hello. So I'm very new to astrology, but it's quite intriguing to me, and I would love to get more into it. I'm told one of those first steps is analyzing the full natal chart, so here I am, haha. I guess I would just be interested in hearing what some educated people think is interesting about my chart.

I've read basic descriptions provided online for my wheel, but one thing really sticks out to me. I've always felt that Pisces describes me to a T, and Cancer rising feels about right, but both my Moon and Venus are in Aries. I think it's kind of strange. I'm a very water elemental person, and whenever I read descriptions for how people with Aries Moon and Venus are supposed to act, I don't feel like they describe me very well. :/ I guess I would appreciate opinions on that. Maybe it makes sense in the greater scheme of things.

Anyway, any kind of input would be very much appreciated!


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I guess I'll add a specific question or two to pique interest.

Is there any significance to the square that seems to be formed on my chart? And according to what you see there, could I succeed as a classical musician? I am currently training in opera.

Thank you!


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Hi chori-- Welcome to the forum!

I was struck by your comment that you don't feel the way someone with moon-Venus in Aries is supposed to act. Mars is quite a focalizer in your chart. You have Mars conjunct your ascendant, squaring Venus and trining your sun. Your moon and Mars are in mutual reception, strengthening their relationship. Your Mars sits at the tip of a Thor's Hammer, which is a very dynamic configuration, requiring you to express your innate assertiveness and aggression in a tumultuous way. So my question to you would be, "What are you doing to let out your inner Woman Warrior?

I can think of a couple of possibilities. Can you let me know which one seems most like the real you?

1. You are more courageous or athletic than you let on. Would you tell us if you were on the swim team or a confirmed kayaker, for example? (Just thinking of how a watery Mars might behave.) With a Mars-Saturn-Pluto Thor's Hammer, I could see you trying out for your regional roller derby!:devil:

2. You pour all of your natural assertiveness and feelings into your singing. For opera lovers, there is a real rush that occurs with an aria performed with the singer's full passion-- probably there is as much Mars in this as there is Venus. I don't know what type of voice you have, but with your horoscope, I could imagine you singing Brunhilde or some other suitably martial female role!

3. Your birth time is actually a bit later than 1;30, which seems like a rounded-off number. If it were, your Mars might move into the 12th house, which indicates energies that are hidden from us-- even though they might be obvious to others. This might tone down your martial expression.

4. You were raised to be a lady:innocent:, and taught that expressing anger, aggression, or even assertiveness are inappropriate. If this is the case, we might expect that you tend to attract other people who exhibit qualities of anger, aggression, and assertiveness.

5. None of the above?

Venus rules singers, so it is well placed in your 10th house of career. Has it progressed into Taurus, yet (the sign that rules the throat)-- in the 11th house of your hopes and wishes for the future?


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Fantastic post Waybread!

Chori, I would do a chart with orbs reduced to 80% so that the wider ones disappear for now and let you focus on the more significant aspects.

Just one thing to add to what Waybread said - the Uranus Neptune conjunction is squaring the Moon and Venus, and also the Moon/Venus midpoint. It's possible that you experience a conflict between the pull towards identifying with the wider groups and communities of which you are a part (Uranus and Neptune), and the urge to express your own initiative and individuality in your relationships with others (Venus Moon in Aries, with Uranus and Neptune in the 7th house.) It's just a thought so feel free to say, 'No'. Actually that's a good test for how your Aries energy is functioning - Aries is the best sign at saying, 'No'.


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Hello again. Thank you for responding, and sorry that I have not yet replied. In the meantime, however, I have happened upon my exact birthtime and thus have a more accurate chart. I have attached it below.

Looking at this new one, would it possibly be more clear why I do not have as many Aries tendencies as it looks like I should have? I will acknowledge that I have powerful and fiery emotions, but I keep them almost all to myself whenever I can, and I cannot stand confrontation. I often wish I could act like an Aries, actually, but when it comes down to it, I always become passive and non-confrontational. Does that make any sense, when you look at this chart?

I'm also curious as to what people would say my chart ruler is, and what planets are the most important. I've tried to figure that out myself....but it is intensely complicated for me. :/


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Your chart ruler is the planet your ascendant sign is ruled by. You're a cancer asc, so your chart ruler would be the moon.

Also, I'm not an expert. But planets on the angles 1st house, 4th, 7th, and 10th tend to be more prominent. I'd say your chart ruler moon in the 10th house might be strong.


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Hi Chori. It would make the thread more useful to you if you respond to Waybread's post. There are so many possible manifestations in any chart, and Waybread has put together a very good list of possibilities to help you pinpoint the ways in which your Mars is suppressed.

In terms of the more accurate chart, Mars moving into the 12th makes a lot of sense because people with this placement are often given messages early in life that it is somehow wrong to assert their own desires and act on their own initiatives. With Mars in the 12th in tense aspect to Saturn Pluto, and on the Saturn/Pluto midpoint, there is a strong suggestion that Mars energy was misused in your early environment.

Mars now rules the MC, and Venus and the Moon in Aries are more firmly planted in the 10th house. But they are square Neptune, which is strong in this chart because it sits on an angle and rules the Sun. I wonder if your Mother tried to sit on her anger in an unhealthy way. I also wonder if one or both of your parents were prone to be very controlling and authoritarian in spite perhaps of efforts not to be. Moon is also quincunx Pluto in the 5th too. I keep getting the sense that your mother sat on a lot of passion. She may have been quite depressed at times as a result.

With Jupiter in the 4th and Sun in Pisces in the 9th, you father may have been distant in some way and this could have something to do with anger on the part of our mother. Do you idealise your father and shy away from anger because you would rather be like him?

All this is speculation of course. you'll need to give more feedback in order to make the thread more meaningful to you...


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The way your Aries energy is channeled into a Cancer mars in the 12th house, and all the other influences mentioned by others on this thread, it's actually not too surprising the Aries placement by itself is not acting out the stereotypical expression. With a cancer asc., pisces sun and mercury, and mars trineing the sun, it makes for a very watery expression indeed. Underneath that is still that fiery aries, however. Sometimes overwhelmingly strong influences will make a person not at all like their typical sign placement. It also depends on where you have taken the initial influence of your chart and applied it to you life. :tongue:

Saturn makes a sextile to your moon, which may be an influence you have developed for some reason. This would create a more refined and restrained emotional temperament. Might want to look into that.

The squares from neptune and uranus to your moon/venus conj and their midpoint will most likely make them display some of the more negative qualities of Aquarius/uranus and Pisces/neptune. Namely: impulsiveness/erratic/aloof and fantasy/delusion/confusion respectively.

Watch out for escapist tendencies and getting carried away with your fantasies!


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It is actually pretty good that it is in the 12th, but you would definetly get some frustration. A sense that you can not openly access the resources of direct drive, sexuality, assertiveness. This would be very subtle as you can speak your mind, but overall you might let out your anger at the wrong times all at the same time. And you might eventually feel that you are a step behind in some of your actions.

The good part is that Mars in the 12th modulates that Aries towards even more neptune. So if you can stay rigorous, you can be quite expressive.

Another thing that I noticed with Pisceans with Aries venus is that they tend to be sucked by the wind in to less than satisfying relationships/affairs. The Aries venus turns inside out towards gratitious passive-agressiveness. But luckily that Mars in Cancer in the 12th is going to make you less naive about relations on the other hand. Towards the Sympathetic/Protective assertive drive. Instead of the never being able to wake up from a whimy dream of the Pisces/Aries combination.

For example a Venus in Aries is Tchaikovsky

Also take note that Mars in the 12th makes you detached from your own attitude at times. There might be an introverted space between the outside and inner world.

What that combination, probably only people that are close to you know your venus in aries attitude. It might only really come out on your birthday or things like that. When you walk in to a party you could sit down somewhere, and be pretty quiet. But people might still be drawn to you. The Aries moon signifies that deep inside you are a very strong, competitive person emotionally. So you might glance at people and maybe have imaginary draws (12th mars) with them instead of challenging them directly. Overall it is pretty short range with all the pisces, you might be kind of imperceptible and slippery, but it doesnt mean that you cant be Arian at times. The only people that could get to know the full story of that side of you is probably your close friends/companions. In terms of where your Initiative/Marian make up is. With the Mars in 12th, you really have to start to learn on how to have faith in the universe and your action-capabilities. One thing you can do is record yourself to be better in touch with your forward attitude. The Aries Moon with Pisces sun combination means that it might come out dreamier/larval/newer than you thought it would be. The 10/9 Emphasis gives it a Saturnine/Philosophical bent.
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