Firdaria vs. Zodiacal release?


I think both are important. I started off using firdaria and it seems to divide life as chapters in a book, with the major theme set by the firdaria major ruler for the particular period.

Delineate the planet-in-sign in the house to get clear picture of how it is going to play out. For the firdaria subperiod watch out for relationships between the sub-period ruler with the major period ruler.

For example if you are in Mercury major period and Mercury is in 6th house in Scorpio, and ruler Mars is in the 10th house in Pisces, then you should see clear effects of Mars sub-period playing out through the 10th-house 6th-house combination.

I am still experimenting with zodiacal release from Spirit. Chris Brennan's book and his podcast have good information on the technique. I think ZRS (Zodiacal releasing from spirit) is more geared towards identifying "peak" periods.

Both firdaria and ZRS can be incorporated to predict effectively!