Finding the right person? He hasn't been born yet...

I've been told that because of some aspects in my natal chart (I'm very new at this, so forgive my reluctance to write about things I don't really understand completely), I will most likely marry a much older guy. I certainly don't wish this to happen, since there's a huge age difference between my parents, and I've seen firsthand the difficult sides of such a marriage.

I've been very unlucky with my past relationships, to the point where I feel doomed when it comes to love. Unfortunately, men much older than me (10-15 years older) seem to 'notice' me a lot. I'm not talking about my physical appearance. It's the way we communicate, I guess. Don't get me wrong - I think there's some truth behind what they say about 'love knows no age', however, I was in a relationship with a man 10 years older than me, and it has been one of the most emotionally scarring experiences of my life. I wouldn't wish it on anyone.

I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my natal Saturn in Scorpio, in my 1st house. My 7th house is empty. Could this mean no marriage at all? I should mention that some years ago I moved to another city, but it's a minor distance from my place of birth, so it doesn't really make much of a change in my chart. However, I've read somewhere that in case of a relocation, it's the 6th house that should be looked at for home and matters related to home, and in case of another moving (such as potential marriage) the 8th house. If it is so, since there are no planets in my 8th house, except for the Chiron and the North Node, could this also be a tell tale sign of a spinster?

Sometimes, I guess I feel like there's nobody out there for me; and yet at times I get this strange feeling like I'll meet him just around the corner.. for whatever reason, I feel like it would be a 'match made in heaven', but forbiden on earth.. It's difficult to explain.. maybe I'm just being poetic.. :smile:

With my Venus in Leo, and my Moon and Mars in Scorpio, will I ever find the right person?? Will I ever know love, for that matter.. (feeling silly as I'm writing this) :unsure:


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You might probably know more astro than me but here's my take- See your Venus sign which is very good.
Venus in the 10th house is considered one of the best indicators for success. Those with Venus here want to contribute something positive and loving to the world, and pleasure comes from their career or professional life. The individual may be interested in careers that favour the arts, counselling, diplomacy, or design. They want to be recognised for their beauty, financial skills, artistic gifts, diplomatic gifts or loving nature. The person may have a good reputation for being supportive and co-operative of team efforts. The individual's people skills and ability to socialize with people of influence can help benefit them. Venus in the 10th house will enable the individual to establish an immediate rapport with others.

The tenth house is concerned with honor, profession and success in life. It is one of the most important angles in the natal chart. Public relationships are significant in their lives, and the tenth house determines their motivation and push for a successful career. Sometimes the tenth house describes what the individual will do career-wise, alternatively it may signify how they approach and move towards their vocation in life.

The person knows how to turn on the charm in public situations and is talented at making and maintaining contacts. Venus in the 10th house signifies that love and harmony is directed towards their ambitions, but the other side of Venus may show jealousy and rivalry. The Midheaven is the most elevated part of the horoscope and so an individual with Venus here is often considered popular in his or her public life, and they may be liked by authority figures and have a good reputation for being cooperative and supportive of team efforts.

Venus here may also be attracted to partners who are accomplished in some way, older or more established, and marriage and career are closely shared. Traditional texbooks state that this person often marries above their station in life. A harmonious working life is desired, but the aspects need to be examined to see how easily this can be achieved. Venus in the 10th house often describes a loving relationship with the mother and she may be viewed as the beloved and attractive one. In some cases a daughter may have felt that she was in competition and rivalry with her mother. This postion can also favour benefits from parents.

Pleasure is found in their career and they value their social image. Venus in the 10th house may represent a love and respect for structure and establishment. This person easily attracts career opportunities and likes to be admired in their chosen vocation and sometimes the vocational choice has something to do with the female sex and help and support may also come through them.

Secondly, your chart is high favored for self-purpose rather than social dependency, considering your Houses 1-3.

3rd- Moon in Scorpio:
A person with the Moon in Scorpio has a deep and instinctive understanding of others. All of their emotional experiences strike at the heart and soul with great intensity, and they have a probing nature that plumbs the depths of any situation. Those with the Moon placed here tend to express their feelings in indirect ways which conceal a powerful and passionate nature. Scorpio has a strong need for intimate relationships and sexual contact and there is often a conflict between the longing for closeness and the fear of being powerless to their own emotions which creates dependency and need.

The subjects which interest Moon in Scorpio may be of an esoteric nature and they enjoy pursuing the secrets of the universe and investigating unsolved mysteries. The forbidden, taboo and subconscious are other pursuits that appeal to their dark nature. Scorpio never takes a situation at face value and understands that there is always more below the surface that others don’t see. The individual possesses a deeper sensitivity to the emotional undercurrents of life, such as abuse, abandonment, hatred, betrayal, and death. Only a few select people are let into the true depths of Scorpio's secretive and personal world.

As with all placements in Scorpio if the sign is betrayed, humiliated and crossed, they don't easily forgive and will probably take revenge. The individual is proud, unforgiving and won't be made a fool of by anyone. Often this person withholds and takes their time to get to know people before full trust is given. It is also likely that emotional drama’s and crisis find there way into the lives of Scorpio, and the turbulence of these emotions swing in extremity. In relationships passion and intensity of feelings are sought with total involvement with a lover. Furthermore, if security is threatened they are prone to jealousy, possessiveness, manipulativeness and paranoia. Power struggles and issues of control often arise in relationships. Subsequently their emotions violently rush to the surface, and maintaining emotional control is often essential to these people, and the type is deeply vulnerable and introverted underneath.

The individual has the uncanny ability to understand the hidden workings of the environment which help to discern their inner psychological dynamics. Maintaining emotional control is essential to feel safe, and often descents into the underworld only strengthens their resolve and they will find their way back to the surface with renewed strength, wisdom and power. Scorpio's are extremists in all they do, and never pursue anything half-heartidly. Once a relationship has begun, hobby or even creative activity, Scorpio's are often obsessive about it. Ordinarily, the sign has the ability to bring out the best and the worst in people. Love is often touched with pain, and they find it difficult to let go of partners, but they are extremely loyal and expect the same commitment in return.

4th- Empty houses Don't denote 'lack of that element' it simply denotes that the sector is not really that important for you. Commitment & marriage are two different things. They can co-exist or exist independently.

I'm just an amateur but hope u learn something out of this.


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I don't understand the question "He hasn't been born yet?":alien:

Yes I can see why you attract more older guys. Your Sun (men you need) is in the 10th house (the house of Capricorn). Saturn rules old people and old stuff.
Your Sun squares Saturn and trine Uranus.

Mars rules you 7th and its in scorpio in the 2nd, this makes me think you like men who are powerful and very moneyed by their own effort, and experimented with sex.
Much guys of your generation haven't gain power or lots of money by their own yet, unless they gain the lottery.
So I think your partner will be at maximum 10 or 15 years older than you.
However when this guy appear in your life you can decide not to marry him and choose a guy of your age. You are free.

hope this helped.
You might probably know more astro than me but here's my take

Hardly the case, Blackempress :) thanks so much for replying! I didn't know a lot of the things stated above. Especially about Venus.

There's no question in there, virgo18.. I was just letting off steam, I guess.. :)
I like guys who have a lot of depth, and a lot of life experience.. deeply emotional and with an edge to them.. This doesn't necessarily mean they have to be old(er), does it? They could just be of an adventurous spirit, for example.
I don't really care about the money, I'm perfectly capable of making my own. :) It's just a means to an end, in my view.

And, yes, I know I'm free to marry, (or not), whoever I choose. :) I was just wondering about the indications in my chart regarding the issue..

Your Sun (men you need) is in the 10th house (the house of Capricorn). Saturn rules old people and old stuff.
Your Sun squares Saturn and trine Uranus.
This was very insightful, since I had no idea I should look to the natural ruler of the house as well. You live, you learn.. :) Thank you! :)