Finding passion in the Natal Chart


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Greybeard says,
Your question is valid.

"But it needs thought, polishing...

A chart might show that the person tends to lean toward things that go Boom
Or is clinging, and thus prone to collecting Barbie dolls."


Or is making people crack up one minute and in the next ponder passion!


How wonderful Greybeard, in my opinion you nailed it, with passion I might add. You broadened my perspective with your differing examples while showing the sacrificial overtone of passion which is implied in your descriptions. I couldn't help but envision these stories and the eyes behind one who participates with the intent you described. Yea passion.


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I have scorpio rising and am very passionate about myself.
Wow, to the chart. Never seen anything quite like it. Although at first I did not notice the outer planets were absent which explains the empty houses.. Either way, your chart is interesting. However I wonder what you mean when you say :scorpio: rising makes you very passionate about yourself.
Is it because the only planet outside your 9th/10th cluster is :mars: dispositor of Asc. and 8th with essential dignity.
Very interesting much like your avatar.Is this the force behind your presentation to the world(forum) as a 3 eyed cat named Moog! Hey you don't have three eyes in real life do you? :alien: I am in rare form just joking around..
Trying to get know people around here and practice my studies where and when I able..
Thanks for humoring my inquiry! Have a good day. Oh and I know this thread may be old but oh well!


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[TE=StillOne;445089]I've been thinking about this for a bit now. I'm curious to how one may be able to find what one is passionate about, on a deep level, in the birth chart.

Since I'm relatively new to astrology, and don't study as much as I probably should (yet), I haven't read much on this topic.

However, I do know what I'm passionate about. In my chart we can look for which house has Scorpio as the house cusp. Scorpio being the deep, immersive, transformative, emotional, probing, transcending, etc. sign of the zodiac. I believe locating where this sign is in your chart may give you where your deeper or possibly deepest passions lie. Just speculating here...

Of course, the conditions of the ruler(s) Pluto and/or Mars will have a story to tell as well. It is interesting to me, in regards to the topic, that these two planets should be associated with passion. Mars gives the drive (or lack of) to push in the direction and Pluto possibly gives transformation, transcension, power, control, rebirth, etc. which could be important in achieving ones deeper desires.

Now in my chart Scorpio falls in house five. It's true that I'm passionate about fifth house issues! All of them. However, it has also occurred to me that possibly passion could merely be assigned to house five. That is regardless of what sign is there. Similarly house eight may have something to do with all of this as well..? I'm unsure...

I'm merely speculating and trying to generate some discussion on the matter.

What do you think? Care to share what you're passionate about and give examples of how it relates to your chart?[/QUOTE]

Hi all.
What i understand with passion: something you desire to do the most. May it doesnt have any commercial output. Still something for which you can forget your meals.

5th house is best to see the desires of a character or subject.
At the same time how moon is placed and in which sign and constellation also gives a great direction.

You can give me your
Time of birth

I shall try to give you a clear picture.

Brian O

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I'm wondering if your question relates to the degree of passion in your natal chart so this is about finding the last conjunction of Venus and Mars that happened before your birth in your chart?
This following book further explains the importance of the degree of Passion of the Mars Venus alignment and also further instruction on how to work it out as it's not just about the alignment that happen before your birth that is part of the equation but not the end
The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars
By Michele Finey
Also there is an astrologer on YouTube who has reviewed Michelle's book and further explains aspects about finding your degree of passion and what it means