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The following is a list of things to look for in the practice and the life of an astrologer who I think is worth your time and most likely to give good, helpful readings that honor your individuality. This could be seen as somewhat self-promoting, but I’m going to be very honest assessing myself here in relation to what I consider a “good” astrologer. I place myself somewhere in the middle of the pack of professional astrologers when it comes to interpretation, somewhere in the middle of the pack in forecasting and at the apex when it comes to rectification.

It is of course important how many years of study and practice an astrologer has put in. I say ‘study and practice’ because it requires both. Someone who has been studying for a couple years is not ready for professional practice. This does not necessarily mean someone with 15 or 20 years of study cannot offer solid readings even more helpful than those given by another astrologer with 40 or more years of study/practice under their belts.
When I was first doing readings for others after 4 years of study I was not doing readings of consistent quality for whoever came to me. It was patchy. It took another 1-2 years to get consistently better at spontaneously reading the basics of someone’s chart.

Generally speaking someone under age 30 does not have the life perspective or emotional maturity to offer quality astrology services. Look for someone who is at least 30 with at least 10 years study if possible. It takes life experience with plenty of chances to apply astrology and other wisdom to life challenges and decisions. Astrology dynamics has to be learned alongside general life wisdom and applied with common sense. Until someone has done this they are not in much position to offer a professional reading that brings practical wisdom to you.
Spiritual Perspective & Overall Character

This can be very important and covers a lot. Ask the astrologer questions like these (or look for answers on their websites or in their books):

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I am most convinced of an astrologer's skill when he demonstrates his abilities. So, I will usually look at some of his work before deciding to ask for a reading.


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Yaa I am agry with JUPITERASC . there have age no matter for a good astrologer. A good astrologer should have good knowledge of spell and other activities of astrology.
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And a good understanding and experiences in life...!

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Well that should imply both a morality or integrity of the astrologer as well as competent knowledge.

The Aztec astrologers who Hernando Cortez encountered were very knowledgeable yet their sun worshipping religion encompassed human sacrifice that most astrologers today might have a few problems with.

Mel Gibson's fiction movie of the Mayans does base most of his historical content on research; yet the Mayans well knew about eclipses contrary to Gibson's Hollywood depiction.

Or was Anton Lavey a good moral role model for astrologers to follow?'anton%20lavey%20jayne%20mansfield%20cutting%20magazine%20clipping%20decapitation'&f=false

As far as being qualified, Richard Nolle, once employed by AFA in Tempe, Az., shared with me when he left their employment, ...they did a disastrous compromise of allowing aspirants certification when they had Not successfully passed the AFA astrologer's test because as a courtesy they had done some nice things for AFA yet had never passed the exam.

That puts a damper on professionalism of astrologers but then everyone has 9th house issues they battle with.

Then we have another worthy astrology institution of learning that defies accepting any money at all for astrology services yet accepts money in as freewill offerings and sells their books:

Then we have novices, and those of intermediate knowledge and skill who would rather do a horary half-ace, and I must tell you my astro brethren, I've held six royal flushes in live poker games and a half and ace would not win me anything. :lol:


If you are a diligent student you understand why I was insistent about the integrity of our science and art in this post:

Or perhaps Robert Hand can give us insights about the morality of ethics of an astrologer both in and out of many characters, and how we as professionals are to serve:

For example I well know of a horary astrologer who used to own a metaphysical bookstore yet in conversation confided that she didn't know who the horary mentors were in the names of William F. Lilly, Dorothy J. Kovach, or Deborah Houlding.

Does that make you wonder about character and knowledge of those professing the art?
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You don't choose the astrologer, the astrologer chooses you. :alien:

Or, in other words, the heavens will bring together querent and astrologer at the ordained time.


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You don't choose the astrologer, the astrologer chooses you.

Or, in other words, the heavens will bring together querent and astrologer at the ordained time.
I recommend Edward :smile:
whose excellent guidance posts
frequently 'hit the target' for the OP