Finding a fulfilling career


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Thanks for those links on the Taurus North Node; I actually came across them a while back, but it was good to re-read them. Maybe some time I'll also post a thread with all the links to North Node astrology that I came up with... I'll have to go and dig back for them , but I'm sure I can find them with a little searching.


Neptune opposite Moon is probably an important energy that I have to understand and learn to work with... I read somewhere that in kite trines, it is the opposition planet that gives the desire to manifest the energy. If not for the opposition, the person might just drift along life, with all the harmony and grace given by the trine.

The feeling I get, although a very pretentious one I admit, is that it is my idealistic feelings towards work (neptune in capricorn?) that will push me to find an avenue for expressing the grand trine... Either that, or give me the pretext to hold unrealistic beliefs and suffer for it, by manifesting as resistance to practical limitations in life :-/


I've really had only two jobs and both have been in engineering. Somehow I'm not finding this line of work something I'm able to even relate to... I think my first job I'd probably have been let go off, being as depressed and lackluster as I was, but I quit on my own. I tried getting into blogging last year, and getting that up and running on the side, but was never able to monetize it...

But is there anything you see in my chart that prompted you to ask those questions? Or were you generally just asking? :)

Astrologer 50,

I'm still trying to get a better understanding of that moon in 8th opposite neptune in 2nd (end of 1st). It also seems significant to me that the other two planets that feature in the kite trine are also prominent in their own way: Jupiter is the lord of the ascendant, and Pluto is 2x singleton... by sign quality (only fixed), and house (only universal). I don't know... somehow I can never quite assemble the meaning of this feature in a way that makes sense.

On another note, this might be a point of interest for those who read transits/progressions. I was going through the Liz Greene report for the year 2009, and it had some interesting things to say about <<Prog. MC square Neptune>> (Feb 2009 to December 2010):

1) This is not a good time for me to make any decisions about my profession, as there is likely to be a lot of confusion surrounding this.
2) That I am bound to feel longings of a "childlike or otherworldly kind"
3) That I am apparently trying to change and open up to possibilities that bring more meaning into my life, but that I may not be able to acknowledge the needed change on the level that it is required.
4) That "On a deeper level, you are also being challenged by the past, for much of your self-image, and the image you project to others, may be rooted in expectations and assumptions from your family background. You are moving beyond these patterns at this point in your life, but this could cause you guilt if your family made many sacrifices so that you could become what you are now. To relinquish a role chosen by your family may hurt and make you feel very lonely and separate."

Still trying to figure out that last one...

I am noticing this only in retrospect, and it seems to perfectly reflects what I have been feeling over the past year and a half. Looks like I'm gonna have to play a waiting game until December, before I take a major decision on what direction to move in...

Anyone have any additional thoughts on this progression? Has anyone experienced this progression and have any insights they can share with regards to what they underwent and how best to handle it?