Financial Stability?


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This an older horary chart from June 2022 and the question concerns whether I will ever be able to built financial stability on my own.

Question: Will I find financial stability (though my career)?

Significator: Saturn Retrograde in 2nd H Aquarius - So far it demonstrates my current struggles to earn money on my own. Also my parents experienced financial disaster during the Covid-19 quarantine and their business failed.

Saturn also rules the second house of finances so in a way it is also the quesited here.
The Moon appears to be in the first house in Capricorn trines Venus (10th H) and Mercury.

For me this is a very complex chart without a clear answer. Do you have any input for this case?
Thank you.


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I think the chart appears complex because the question may be in need of a bit of clarifying?
First, let us eliminate the "ever" part, even though I know you may be feeling frustrated or desperate? And then with that you need to define some time frame for the question.
I also think it would be useful to include the source of the stability, like "will I find financial stability from work? from family?" Whatever you think.
To me the more obvious and perhaps desirable source of financial stability would be from work.
So I would look at Venus ruler of the 10th. It is in the fortunate 5th house. It applies to square the significator for both you and your personal finances/Saturn. This points to a possible yes but with obstacles. Both sigs being in fixed signs suggests a longer time frame. Being in succeedent houses/medium time frame. Taken together it points to it being a bit later rather than sooner.
But I can see a possible yes with some bumps in the road with the time frame that you may have in mind.


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Dear IleneK,

First of all thank you for your response. I just realised that I had forgot to press post reply the day before, therefore my answer never showed up.
The truth is that I asked this question in reference to my recent job loss in late May and wanted to ask a specific horary about my financial stability in relation to my own career/job. I am now employed part-time but it is something temporary and doe not give me stability obviously.

So Venus is the Key significator here as you said and it applies to both 2nd House and my significator. I hope that financial stability is something realistic because I feel I lost so much time for this and I still cannot see any result.