Feeling stuck in life


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Hi all,
I feel stuck in life....like my life is in the same place for the past few years ...from around 2017 may be. Before 2017, I used to be very focused on life, ambitious and used to try for various publications, conferences and apply for all the teaching jobs I came across. Even people around me used to be surprised by my enthusiasm. But now a days I am mostly disinterested in life...like it is somebody else's life. I start many things but I am not able to finish them. Recently I realized that it is the fear which is paralyzing my actions. I feel I have low saturn qualities a lot (chiron in 10th house) and lot of planets in capricorn and sun conjunct saturn. My mars is conjunct neptune(1 degree conjunction). I feel I have already wasted lot of years in life. How to work with mars conjuct neptune with northnode? Or is it something else which is stopping my growth or am I psychologically stuck because of a failure. Some advice on this area would be really helpful. I have also attached my chart here.


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