Feedback needed on astrology pictures


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Hi guys

I have a friend who does some artistic paintings. She recently started to work on astrological themes and asked me what I think about it.

I'd like you to have a look and have a say also...





She will be reading this thread soon, so please be nice :tongue:


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I like Sag and Cap, can't make up my mind about Libra, and thinks Aries looks a little too fluffy.


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Hi Radu, well, the Capricorn one is the best . I love the chosen colour and the whole composition.

The Libra one is very nice in colour but it looks a bit like a spider coming at you. Sorry, but I think honest feedback is what helps you most. Certainly keep the bright backround, although that would also be good for Leo I guess.

I agree with CJN, Aries is too fluffly, the colour red is of course well chosen, but the Aries glyph should be much firmer , thicker and I also dont think there is a need for all the small glyphs floating around. Reminds me more of a scene in Hell than of an enthousiastic Aries.

Sagittarius not bad but the Jupiter glyph I personally would make a bit smaller and position it on the bottom right. It sort of spoils the arrow if you know what I mean.
Colour combination is interesting.

I did 3 years of art school so I dared to give a bit of advice and criticism:)


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I don't know art, but I know what I like.... a truism for me. In my early 20's I saw a piece of stained glass art (different shades of dark greens in an impressionalistic form) and I spent my rent money on buying that instead of paying the rent.

Love the deep colors of Cappy.... but taken with Aries, would have put off paying the heat for that. :biggrin:



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I like the mountainy feel of the Capricorn image. I love the colors and the composition. It's beautiful.
I like the Sag but I don't know about the colors. Does not say fire enough imo. But the composition is nice.
I don't mind the fluffiness of the Aries picture. I have an aries son and husband and they are teddy bears really, more bark than bite. And the Aries glyphs all over make sense, because "HEY, it's ALL about ME."
The Libra I am not sold on. Libra is so refined and pretty and this seems creepy kind of. [sorry]


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that's an interesting idea picturing Libras....a colourful spider creaping up on you...

No no Athan, I dont think Libra's would be happy to be pictured like spiders.
The picture gives this idea I think and I would change it into something more sweet and lovely.:)


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Well, for me, I really like all the background colours. As I picture the signs, the colours used are appropriate. IMO, Sag is barely a fire sign anyway, and so I find it pretty spot on.

The best and most appropriate are the Aries and Capricorn. Both give an idea of the energy of the sign.

I find the Sagittarius to be a bit messy and out-of-balance, as said by starlink. I quite like the colours used, but I'm not at all convinced by the fire licking in the background.

Personally I quite like the Libra sign, but my (Libran) son commented on it when I showed it to him, and I quote: "It looks like a Rastafarian wearing a headband heading my way."
I don't know what's worse - a Rastafarian or a spider - take your pick.


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I really liked the libra picture- the color in particular.
I also liked how the small ram symbols in the aries picture looked like birds flying around. I think that added a little freedom to the picture.
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Alright, thank you very much to all for your comments. We decided to change the strategy and have her work during the main astrological events, so that she might be in tune with the vibration of the moment. She also switched from the digital drawing back to the wax pencil on paper, a technique that she masters much better. And, oh yes, she's my sister...

Here you have the newest artworks:

New Moon in Leo

Moon in Virgo

I hope you like them as much as I did. I think they are amazing !

and they are available for purchase here:


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I like the new Moon in Leo. The moon itself is not shown, which is correct.
The fiery energies of Leo are shown. The mystical nature of the moon is shown. The newness, new energies for the moon cycle arriving is shown.
Good stuff.

As for Moon in Virgo. I'm biased against Virgo, and the picture agrees with my bias. It clearly shows the soul trapped in the fussiness of Virgo, unable the express itself. The only thing I'm a bit doubtful about is the color, purple doesn't seems like Virgo to me.


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For me, the wax pencil drawings are better - somehow she seems to be more in charge of what she's endeavouring to create.

Like CJN, I love the New Moon in Leo. There's the vortex many of us were drawn into - agghhh!!!!! :w00t: - and with the clarity beyond the line of sight.

For me, Virgo is blue, and not pink/purple, but that just be all my fixed planets which describe my fixed nature. (Paraphrasing wintersprite1, I know what I like..........)

Both are more balanced, with a better sense of the energy of what they represent. :kissing:

[PS: I'm obviously delusional - now I think I'm an art critic!!]


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Thank you both for your comments.

Her intentions when drawing the Moon in Virgo:
- the triangles = the desire of perfection, the mental side
- moving, intertwined, distorted triangles = mutable nature of Virgo
- the eye inside = the person that overlooks everything with a critical eye

Next comes the Moon in Libra and the Sun in Virgo (set for the moments of the respective ingresses). Will keep you guys posted.


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new one

The Moon in Capricorn:


I like this one a lot, it's quite specific I think, but I wonder whether she didn't push too far the idea of an lonely aged woman...

What about the Moon in Libra? I like it a bit, but probably it should be redone... Any suggestions or ideas?


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Re: new one

Moon in Leo is the very best! Excellent picture. Wax pencil is her strength (as was mine! I love using it.)

I am not crazy about the Virgo Moon because of the strong pointy corners of the star image combined with the rounded edges of the surroundings. Still, it would be much better when the "eye" is taken out of it.

I am very critical when it comes to art Radu, so I tell you exactly what I feel as I think positive criticism is the only way to become better at things.

Now, the Libra Moon. I dont get the feeling here I'm afraid. The stripes are not so pleasing to the eye . The Libra Sun is far better when it comes to that. The vertical lines look like a barrier to me, like flames going up. I expect something more subtle and "Moony" in the form of waves perhaps.

The Moon in Capricorn is not doing it for me either. Firstly, I would not use faces when depicting the planets in signs. Maybe paint a Moon with a dark purple background or brown or a Moon with a square around it symbolizing restriction. Here she could put vertical lines actually, like a window with a grid and the Moon behind it? Something like that. I also would keep the same colours as background, so again that great purple.



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I'm with starlink re Moon in Libra & Moon in Cap. I just don't `connect' with either. The Moon in Libra leaves me completely unmoved, and the Moon in Cap somehow misses the point by using a face - which kinda personalises the energy, and so pinholes it, and inappropriately in this case.

I actually like the one of Moon in Cap - but as a drawing, and not as a representation of Moon in Capricorn. It's way too subjective - and dare I say it?? - judgemental.