Fear of HIV & Disease


Hello all

I have had a fear that has plaqued me for the last few years.
The fear is a fear of HIV. I know this sounds like a strange topic. However, it's one that has affected my life since having a almighty break down three years ago. I thought I had contracted it and would not believe the negative results I recieved. For a while, I was so worried about my ability to keep myself safe and, went between feeling as though I deserved it to, thinking how cruel fate had been to me.

I know that some of you will have read the Pluto moon stuff and thought this person's a nutter! :38:

My asendant is in Scorpio & moon in Virgo. I have experienced this as being quite psychic. although most of the information I recieve is through dreams and unbearable sensings.:60:

last night i had ANOTHER dream where I'm to die of HIV. It's very strange and worrying that I keep getting these messages. I looked at my chart and Progressed it to the year 2009. It seems that during May, June, July and November of that year. I may yet experience my darkest hour.:eek:

Does anyone know what this may be? I have limited experience in the astrological field. however, If you allow me to see your charts, I'll tell you what I sense in return.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me with this project & to those whom have already explored my stuff with me. :9: