Fear of being kidnaped, raped or hurt by men. Can it be explained by my natal chart?


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Since I was a little kid, I´ve had this fear. I am female and never had anything happening to me other than being followed and harassed by man on the street...but it never got physical. I wonder if this extreme fear comes from a past live? Wondering if my natal chart and placements could also give me some clues/ have an influence here.

I would truly appreciate it if someone could provide some feedback

Thank you!



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It might be connected with Pluto very strong in its modern rulership of Scorpio squaring your natal Sun/identity. The way you feel has the flavor or the mythology of Pluto's/Hades' abduction of Persephone/Prosperina down to the underworld.

That square also being a part of a Sun Sat Pluto fixed t-square gives it more energy, I would think. And Sun translating light from Pluto to Saturn further strengthens the relationship between Pluto Saturn.

So I would say this might be influential in how you feel..


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Are you small? Usually smaller-sized, petite females tend to fear men, who are typically taller and stronger. They fear being hurt by these men. I think it's ingrained in our DNAs. I mean I am not small and I sometimes look up at these 6'2, 6'3 men and can't help but feel a bit intimidated.

Now. Your moon is your ruling planet, and it's powerfully placed in her own sign. However, she is also at a critical degree. Maybe this could explain these fears. The moon is usually full of insecurities and this is made more pronounced by her being in Cancer.
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I agree with Ilene, about the relevance of the Sun/Sat/Pluto T-square.

Also, it could be a past life trauma being worked out in this incarnation. :ninja:

Have you considered going for counselling, even perhaps past life meditations or regressions?

How have the males in your life treated you? Did your father, grandfather, brothers, uncles treat you tenderly and with love and respect ?