Favorite Astrological Placement(s)?


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I'm so relieved I don't look a day over 485, my true age. Thank you Blaze. Thank you.

You're welcome, m8. Aphrodite says my taste is legit. You look like a guy I knew in Junior high though.


Whoa, I got a Leo after me. Your eyes are messed up man, think you ate some bad tuna.

.....Ah, men jokes.

KnewBetter, go in for the kill

Seconded. Wan is a hawt Leo chick hiding behind that user name.


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But fish people especially. Listen, you're preaching to the choir. I can't get along with them for very long either. Too soft and apparently I'm too much, too impatient, too rough, etc etc. I don't understand them very well, could be all the Fixed I have in my chart.

You don't like fish people?? Wow, you big meanie.


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Leo's been told he will reincarnate as a fish person 7 lifetimes from now.

As for me...not sure what to say. I don't care, ya meanie :p


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That's good tho. It means you're a pure soul Virgo who has moved away from his fishy past down south.

OT: Saturn in the 12th, Exalted conjunct Mars.

I don't want to achieve my north node; it looks awful.

If I had to be another sign it would definitely be Pisces. The south node in Pisces, Neptune opposite and contra-parallel sun, draconic pisces sun...


graay ghost

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If draconic charts actually mean something, does this make me secretly a Libra sun, Aries moon, and Leo ASC? (Yes, you can laugh now.)

Karmic Kid

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Actually, Aries Ascendant is a fun position. Maybe my favourite even.

Of the few crushes I had growing up, most had this placement (definitely two of them). Or, at least,I think they did.

Though, I still have a thing for my 12th house Mars in Libra opp. Saturn. It's akin to listening to a song that's so bad, it's "good" - much like 2011's relationship with Rebecca Black's Friday.