Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp; what's happening in the world?


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what causes these errors? what do you'll think? share your thoughts on the subject astrologically..


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What errors do you mean? What kinds of astrological thoughts are you asking for?

You posted this on the Chat board, which is for non-astrological discussions. If you want specifically astrological answers, it's a topic for another board. But it's not clear what you're asking, let alone what it has to do with astrology.


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Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashed for like 8 hours. I didn’t realize it was an international thing until I checked the news. Apparently it was a server issue, someone made a mistake updating the servers and deleted parts of it instead. So it wasn’t just down it was deleted :lol: It’s all back up now though.

Astrologically, I think Mercury retrograde is the obvious one. The fact a few planets like Saturn and Pluto are stationing direct, and then Sun and Mars are conjunct, will be making it more intense.

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I haven’t checked the chart for the creation of Facebook et al but it was very pioneering which is an Aries thing, and Mercury retrograde is happening in Libra, so maybe it is opposing something important in its chart.