explain my pain?


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Hi there everyone
I'm just getting into medical astrology.
I'm trying to work out if there's anything in my chart that might explain my pain ... I have chronic pain that moves around my body. I used to be really sporty but it's pretty much stopping me doing much now.

This is my birth data:

1 England England
44 United Kingdom GB
Date 07/17/1986 Thursday
Time 17:14
Julian day 2446629.18
Timezone 1.0000 1h00e
ST 11.54
Lat 50.8300 50°50'n
Long -0.1300 0°08'w

I have sun in cancer, sag ascendant and moon in sag. Loads of retrogrades, but I can't see much in 6th house apart from taurus. My throat is literally the only thing about me that doesn't hurt! I'm doing the pretty basic associations I think, wondering if anyone can give me any hints about what else might be hiding in there?

Any wisdom welcome!


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Disclaimer: I am not medically trained, whereby any information offered is derived from the rules applied to astrological symbolism as it pertains to the branch of astrology that deals with health issues. The personal focus is through the modern psychological related rather than traditional perspective. It implies that physical disease is not ‘automatically’ written into a chart but can be psychosomatic of nature as a result of mismanagement and/or use of planetary energy.

Hello Izzy,
Anything concerned with the word 'chronic' will invariably involve Saturn and its rulership of Capricorn .......or traditional rulership of FIXED sign Aquarius.

You will notice in your chart that Saturn (structural restriction, limitations) conjunct Moon (expression of feeling) in Sagittarius is rising. It is square Venus in Virgo (physical body) in the 9th house that is ruler of Taurus on the 6th house cusp.

In medical astrology,
each sign rules a specific area of the physical body,
each planet rules a function of ruling sign, or is associative with the sign it is in,
the 1st house is associated with the physical constitution as a whole,
the 6th house is associated with physical complaints,
and in the holistic school of thought through which I was taught, the 9th house is associated with 'health issues' ...i.e. the type of complaint that is helped by pill and potion, and is not 'illness' as such (e.g. thyroid, diabetes, allergies, etc.).
Sagittarius and Virgo are mutable signs, which positively imply agility and flexibility of every kind in spirit and body.
If and when planets in the signs and said houses are in friction/conflict (harsh aspects) with each other, the same could but not necessarily is said about the correspondng traits within the person.

You do not mention the nature of your physical pain other than 'it moves around', which would not suggest a specific area of concern. Yet Sagittarius IS concerned with specifics and not generalisations.

The ruler of Sagittarius is Jupiter. In medical astrology it is the indicator of general good health .....unless in harsh aspect. It is in Pisces (its traditional sign) and although it positively aspects natal Sun in Cancer (over-abundance of feeling), it does form the apex of a natal T-square with Chiron-MEAN Black Moon Lilith( if used; pain from childhood experience) and Uranus. Jupiter therefore says much about the conditions regarding the state of your health, especially regarding how you are able to adjust (mutable signs) to any changes you undergo. In the last few years this T-square has been under the influence of transiting Neptune, negatively renowned for weakening of the spirit through the dissolutional, desillusional, deceptional, disappearing, loss etc. quality of that upon which a Sun in Cancer could inwardly depend.
There is a lack of AIR element in the chart which could make it mentally difficult and inwardly painful to grasp what occurs and why.

Other aspects in the chart can refer to traits that could be seen as overwhelming when confrontated with situations.

With an accurate birth time the progressed positions to the natal chart can be of importance. It is noticeable that sec. progr. Asc. has entered Capricorn, and sec. progr. M.C. has conjoined natal Pluto. This could be suggestive of a situation beyond personal control that has ended, possibly through Covid restrictions, that has left you high and dry, so to speak. Finding alternative outlets can be hard, agility lessens, and stagnancy = restrictions=chronically becoming conditions could result.

Without going into further detail, it is always adviseable to seek medical attention when physical symptoms cause the body to say 'ow'. :wink:


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Pluto has been in opposition to your sun so may have caused inflammation. If so, the greatest effect should have been in October, but as other planets join or leave the combination, some organs may be more affected than others. Have you checked your temperature? Let me know if the problem lingers beyond Christmas.