exorcising the planets


I have an extremely difficult 12th house solar coming up and I'm looking for ways to deal.
The only suggestions I have gotten so far are to relocate for the return, which I cannot do, I wish I could. If I had realized how possibly bad this could be I would have started six months ago> planning and saving for a trip. I just didn't look at the chart that closely... must be fate :/

one suggestion (the only suggestion) I have read is from Ciro Discepelo which he calls exorcising the "bad" planet or offering up a sacrifice, giving up something to that planets' influence. Having your health checked and going for an "elective" surgery, going on a spiritual retreat (isolation)etc.. But he also calls Pisces "psycho labile", an emotionally fragile em-path, who would benefit from doing the OPPOSITE of what the planet predicts, as a compensatory effort. :confused: what to do???



dr. farr

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Use of planetary remedies is a quite advanced art elaborated most fully in Vedic astrology (although we have an extensive Western tradition here as well, just that it pretty much ended back in the Renaissance/Reformation era; see, though the renaissanceastrology.com website.


Thank you. I have a heavy Solar coming which I posted here http://www.astrologyweekly.com/forum/showthread.php?t=72496

I cannot relocate for my birthday.
I am looking for pro-active possibilities rather than wait quietly for impending doom, but Catch22: my actions could cause the predictions to come true.

an Oedipus Oracular thing: which maybe fitting since the Solar Asc. lies directly between my natal Venus/Saturn 12th house conj., splitting them into 12th and 1st house... :( very worried.

Thank you for the link : I will keep searching, afraid to act too much.

Wish anyone would share their 12th house experiences with me?