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Each sign of the zodiac is ascribed specific physical/psychological parts and physiological funtions of the human body. Each sign is therefore also predisposed to certain ailments/conditions usually in keeping with the body parts it rules. Planetary rulers of the signs also govern particular physical and medical components/processes within the framework of Medical Astrology.

Let us now do a top-down 'check-up' of the human anatomy and physiology in connection with their astrological rulers, beginning with the head:

ARIES - first sign of the zodiac - phyiscally - rules the head and brain as part of the cerebral hemisphere, forehead, eyes, nose, and the mouth as part of the face, hair, the cranium and the upper jaw
  • Aries - physiologically - as the sign of physical energy - rules the general distribution of energy as well as the faculties of the brain
  • Mars - planetary ruler - governs the blood haemoglobin, arteries, adrenal glands and the muscles
Aries ailments - are inflammations and rashes, headaches, sinusitis, nose bleeding, fevers and colds, burns, cuts and bruises (especially by any sharp objects like knives, razors, etc), and accidents; causes lie in excessive energies and movement, which disturb the over all equilibrium and cause exhaustion, violent outbursts of anger and impulsiveness.

TAURUS - physically - rules the neck and throat area, ears, tongue, larynx, tonsils, thyroid gland, the lower jaw and the senses in general
  • Taurus - physiologically - as the sign of physical endurance - rules convalescence and recuperative forces, as well as the general functioning of the neurohormones
  • Venus - planetary ruler - governs the endocrine glands, glycogen (blood sugar), the sensory system, and generally effects the autonomic nervous system
Taurus ailments - are those of the throat and neck, vocal chords, goitre, polyps and cysts, obesity, diabetes; causes lie in over indulgence in foods- especially sweets, laziness, and brooding.

GEMINI - phyiscally - rules the hands, arms, shoulders, tongue, trachea, lungs, thymus gland, upper ribs, fallopian tubes, urethra and ureters (co-ruled by Libra-Venus), the central nervous system and nerve fibre
  • Gemini - physiologically - as the sign of communication and connectivity - rules the speech, breathing, oxygenation of the blood and the general mental health
  • Mercury - planetary ruler - governs the brain and the mind, motor organs, tongue and speech abilities, hearing faculties
Gemini ailments - are speech and hearing problems, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis, anaemia, nerve diseases and epilepsy, pulmonary troubles and consumption; causes lie in nervous reactions, mental distraction and restlessness.

CANCER - physically - rules the breasts, lower ribs, diaphragm, thoracic duct, stomach, solar plexus, uterus and the womb, upper lobes of the liver, pancreas, alimentary canal, gastric vein and blood serum
  • Cancer - physiologically - as the sign of nurturing and protection - rules the nutritional and reproductive functions
  • Moon - planetary ruler - governs the breasts and stomach, body fluids and lymphatic system, left male eye and right female eye, natural functioning of the body, and along with Venus the female organs in general
Cancer ailments - are irregularities of the furor, general functional disorders, digestive disorders arising mainly from the abdomen, liver and pancreas, flatulency, fluid retenion, diarrhoea, sclerosis, hormonal imbalances, plus emotional disorders like hypochondria, depression and hysteria; causes lie in emotional stress and hypersensitivity, worrisomeness, moodiness, pessimism, wrong diet and over indulgence in food.

LEO - physically - rules the upper and dorsal region of the spine and the spinal cord, the back, aorta and the heart, blood pressure, right male eye and left female eye, and general physical health
  • Leo - physiologically - as the sign of energy and vitality - rules the general physical vitality of the body, and functioning of the heart
  • Sun - planetary ruler - is the giver of energy and vitality through appropriate circulation of the blood
Leo ailments - are those concerning the heart, spine, dysfunction of the spleen and related blood problems, poor oxygen circulation and vitality, blood-pressure problems like hypertension; causes almost always lie in over-exertion of some sort.

VIRGO - physically rules - the abdomen, lower lobes of the liver, intestinal tract, alimentary canal and the sympathetic nervous system
  • Virgo - physiologically - as the sign of physical and nutritional health - rules the assimilation, digestion and absorption of food
  • Mercury - planetary ruler - governs the lower dorsal nerves and the bowels
Virgo ailments - have to do with digestive disorders mainly arising from the bowels and intestines, acidity and colic problems, allergies to certain foods and ingredients, appendicitis and constipation; causes often lie in over sensitivity of the abdominal region, malnutrition, excessive worrisomeness and a very sensitive nervous system.


LIBRA - physically - rules the skin and its complexion, blood vessels, lumber region of the lower back and spine, buttocks, kidneys, ureters (co-ruled by Gemini), adrenal glands and the vaso-motor system
  • Libra - physiologically - as the sign of balance - regulates the body balance, filteration of liquids and adrenal activity
  • Venus - planetary ruler - governs the skin and complexion, veins, the endocrines, the ovaries, and along with the Moon- the female sexual organs in general
Libra ailments - are those of the kidney, bladder and ovaries, eczema, troubles with venous circulation, obesity and imbalance of bodily energies; causes lie in nervous exhaustion of some kind, lethargy and over indulgence in food

SCORPIO - physically - rules the reproductive and sexual organs, as well as excretory organs like genito-urinary tract, cervix, anus, rectum, prostate gland, and also the nasal bones
  • Scorpio - physiologically - as the sign of procreation and regeneration - rules the bodily reproductive, regenerative and eliminary processes
  • Mars and Pluto - planetary rulers - govern the sexual organs and behaviour
Scorpio ailments are those of infections of the sexual and excretory organs, as well as nasal catarrh; causes lie in breaking down of bodily resistance, hidden and deep changes within the body, and the tendency to over do things and go to extremes.

SAGITTARIUS - physically - rules the femur area like the hips and thighs, sciatic nerves and the areterial system
  • Sagittarius - physiologically - as the sign of locomotion - rules movement of and through the lower limbs, the nerves and the arterial blood circulation
  • Jupiter - planetary ruler - governs the liver, pituitary gland and the arterial blood
Sagittarius ailments are locomotory, sciata, rheumatism, gout, excessive growth like tumours, problems of the liver and obesity; causes lie in restlessness and proneness to accidents especially to the thighs and legs, and over-indulgence in food and alcohol.

CAPRICORN - physically - rules the skeletal system, hair, teeth, cell walls, knees and other joints of the body
  • Capricorn - physiologically - as the sign of support and form - rules the skeletal framework of the body and process of preservation of energy
  • Saturn - planetary ruler - governs the bones, teeth and skin
Capricorn ailments are those of degenerative nature, bone and joint maladies, dental problems, arthiritis, blockages and crystallisation, and malignancy; causes have to do with self inhibition, restriction, stiffening up and depression.

AQUARIUS - physically - rules the circulatory system, shins and calves, Achilles heal, ankles, and the heart valves
  • Aquarius - physiologically - rules the blood circulation and oxidation processes
  • Saturn and Uranus - planetary rulers - govern the bones of the lower legs, the valves of the heart, the nerves and transmission of electric signals through the nervous system
Aquarius ailments are those of the varicose veins, poor blood circulation and blood poisoning, weakening of the nerves, spasmodic problems and seizures, palpitations, and swelling of the ankles and calves; causes lie in nervousness, extremely sensitive nature, and straining of the body and nerves to the extreme.

PISCES - last sign of the zodiac - physically - rules the feet and toes, and the lymphatic system along with the spleen as part of it
  • Pisces - physiologically - rules perspiration, the lymphatic process and the immune system generally
  • Jupiter and Neptune - planetary rulers - govern the spiritual health; also, Jupiter rules the blood fibrin and Neptune the pineal gland
Pisces ailments are those of lowered immunity, influenza and cold, mucous discharge, problems of the feet and gout, wasting diseases and general lethargy, fluid retention, hormonal imbalance, tumours, delirium, coma; causes lie in imagination of sicknesses, brooding and depression, excessive mental and physical sensitiveness, easy addiction to narcotics, drugs and alcohol.

In general, afflictions by the following planets may indicate or involve:
  • Mars - risk of infections and burns, redness and inflammation, surgery
  • Saturn - chronic illnesses, deformation of the bones, malignant tumours as opposed to Venus'/Jupiter's benign tumours (usually)
  • Uranus - sudden and unexpeced changes and illnesses and accidents, nervous and mental tension, disturbances in the heart's rhythm and electric signals through the nerves
  • Neptune - hidden and difficult to spot illnesses such as cancers, and addictions
  • Pluto - deep, hidden, slow-to-develop and difficult illnesses like (terminal) cancers, malformation, massive bacterial and viral infections like gangrin and HIV, and amputation.
Some interesting literature:
- A Handbook of Medical Astrology by Jane Patrick-Ridder
- Essentials of Medical Astrology by K.S.Charak
- Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology by H.L.Cornell
- Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology by C.E.O. Carter

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The best books on Medical Astrology( from Astrology weekly Reading list)
Encyclopaedia of Medical Astrology - H.L. Cornell, Weiser, Astrology Classics, hardcover
Medical Astrology: A guide to planetary pathology - Judith Hill, Stellium Press
Medical Astrology - Eileen Nauman, Blue Turtle Publishing
How to Give Astrological Health Reading - Diane Cramer, AFA
Medical Astrology: Healing for the 21st Century - Marcia Starck, Earth Medicine Press
Encyclopaedia of Psychological Astrology - C.E.O. Carter, Astrology Classics
Astrological Judgement & Practice of Physick, deducted from the position of the Heavens at the decumbiture of the sick person - Richard Saunders, Astrology Classics
Astrological Judgement of Diseases from the Decumbiture of the Sick - Nicholas Culpeper, Astrology Classics
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Maladies and the Degrees of the Zodiac
By Mr Stellium.
(Reprinted here with his permission)
The list below shows the interpretations of ancient authorities on the degrees of the zodiac and their relationship to illness and other afflictions. Bear in mind that when these conclusions were reached, the practice of medicine was primitive compared to todays standards and death by violent means was much more common in those times. The ancients also tended to place an emphasis on the direful.

Also, the accuracy of this information is not known, which is why it would be good to discuss and debate on this forum.

The position of the fixed stars is as of the year 2000 (They move 1 degree every 72 years).


The fixed star Deneb Kaitos at 2 deg 35 is linked with sickness, misfortune, compulsory changes and self destruction by brutal force.

The 2nd degree is known for abscesses, the 6th jaundice and the 7th is known as "the degree of life and death".

The 14th degree for apoplexy (for the meaning of apoplexy, see here:
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apoplexy ) or suicide, the 20th for abscesses and accidents (also electricity), the 26th for disorders of the lungs and the fixed star Vertex at 27 deg 51 is known for eye weakness or blindness, also a violent death. Mars is said to give red hair when in the 27th.


The 9th degree for Neurasthenia (see here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neurasthenia ), the fixed star Menkar at 14 deg 19 gives injury from animals (also loss of fortune), the 17th degree for appendicitis and the fixed star Capulus at 24 deg 12 is said to give defective eyesight.

The fixed star Agol at 26 deg 10 is reputed to be the most malefic of the fixed stars noted for violence, particularly to the head and neck, also burns. (One will overcome ones enemies if with the Sun, Moon or Jupiter).

The fixed star Alcoyne at 29 deg 59 is said to give accidents to the face or blindness from an illness. It is also said to give a strong libido.


The fixed star Hyades at 6 deg 52 is said to give mixed fortunes, injuries to the head by objects and impaired eyesight.

The fixed star Aldebaran at 9 deg 47 is said to have rulership over hands and fingers, and when afflicted to be conducive to pneumonia. In conjunction with Mars or Saturn, or either luminary, it was said by older astrolgers to presage a violent death.

The 9th degree for homicide, the 13th for accidents involving wheeled vehicles (also imitation and acting), the 14th for dumbness from impaired speech organs and the 17th for homicide.

The fixed star Bellatrix at 20 deg 57 is said to indicate defective eyesight when conjunct the Sun or Moon.

The fixed star Alinalam at 23 deg 28 is also said to give defective sight or blindness, also illness and a violent death.

The 23rd degree is said to involve the spine and the 25th a degree of neurasthenia.

The fixed star Betelgeuse at 28 deg 45 is said to cause accidents when in opposition (but honors when in conjunction, also a military star).

The 28th degree for tubrculosis of the lungs.


The 1st and 2nd are degrees of sight , so an affliction here may affect the sight.

The fixed star Alhena at 9 deg 06 is said to give accidents to the feet (also eminence in art).

The 11th degree is associated with cancer, alcoholism, but also a retentive memory.

The fixed star Sirius at 14 deg 05 is considered one of the most beneficial fixed stars conferring honor, fame, high office in government and great dignity - its only (minor) drawback is a connection with dog bites! Its very close neighbour, the fixed star Canopus at 14 deg 56 is connected to drowning when with an afflicted luminary (also leadership).

The 15th degree (the exaltation of Jupiter) is associated with suicide.

The fixed star Wasat at 18 deg 31 is associated with poisons and gases (also malevolance, violence and destructiveness).

When rising, the fixed star Castor at 20 deg 15 is said to give weakness, sometimes blindness or injuries to the face.

When rising, the fixed star Pollux at 23 deg 13 is said to give eye weakness, sometimes blindness,injuries to the face, wounds and imprisonment.

The fixed star Proycon at 25 deg 48, when with a malefic or afflicted luminary threatens trouble with and danger through liquids, water, gas, poisons or dog bites.


Homicide is associated with degrees 0 and 5, with aviation accidents also for the 5th. The 6th degree has to do with the sight.

The fixed star Praesaepe at 7 deg 20 is said to give blindness, especially of the left eye, ophthalmia, facial injuries, fevers, wounds when with an afflicted Moon, if with the Sun opposition Mars or ascendant a violent death.

The fixed star Asselus Australis at 8 deg 43 is said to give fevers (also quarrels and slander)

The 8th degree with hearing and the blood disorder anaemia. The 9th degree with bladder disorders and alcoholism.

18 to 22 degrees are of medical ability . The 19th degree for the back. 20 to 24 degrees are associated with homicide.

The 22nd degree for appendicitis and the 25th and 26th for alchohol problems.

The fixed star Adhafera at 27 deg 34 is connected to poisons and suicide (also criminal tendencies, but if rising riches and military preferment)

The fixed star Regulus is a royal star said to give honors and wealth but is also associated with ill health.


The 3rd degree for appendicitis, the 4th asthma and the 9th homicidal tendencies.

The fixed star Zosma at 11 deg 19 makes one fearful of poisoning, also egotistical and immoral.

The 22nd degree is also associated with appendicitis (also a military degree and hairdressers!)

The 25th degree is associated with cancer and the 26th with diabetes.


The 3rd degree for abscesses, the 5th for homicide and the 6th for digestive disorders and the 7th for sudden death.

The fixed star Vindematrix at 9 deg 57 is believed to give spinal trouble and heart trouble if conjunct Uranus.

The 27th degree is associated with consumption.


The 10th degree for neurasthenia, the fixed star South scale at 15 deg 05 is said to give ill health (also an untruthful and unforgiving nature), the 18th degree appendicitis and the 21st degree is associated with the bronchial tubes.

The fixed star Unukalhai at 22 deg 04 is associated with accidents and a danger of poisoning (also immorality).

On the contrary, the fixed star Agena at 23 deg 48 is said to give good health (also Universal respect, morality and refinement)

The 25th for alchoholism and dumbness.


The 7th degree is associated with the heart, the 9th homicide, the 12th accidents involving wheeled vehicles and the 14th for dumbness (also indecision)

The fixed star Aculeus at 25 deg 43, if conjunct or opposite an afflicted luminary or its afflicting planet, impaired eyesight or perhaps blindness.

The 25th for neurasthenia and the 28th for consumption.


The fixed star spiculum at 1 deg 03 was mentioned by ptolemy in connectin with blindness.

The 2nd is a degree or sight, the 3rd e medical degree, the 4th and 5th involve sleep and trance and the fixed star Facies at 8 deg 18 is connected with blindness or defective sight, illness and accidents (but also autocratic leadership).

The fixed star Manubrium at 14 deg 49 is associated with blindness from fire ir an explosion (also heroism and courage).

The 24th degree suicide and the 27th has to do with the hair.


Degrees 0 to 5 are connected to homicide, assassination if Mars is afflicted in the 12th degree.

The fixed star Ascella at 13 deg 38 is assosiated with bites from venomous creatures.

The 19th degree has to do with the back and the 25th is associated with alcoholism.


The fixed star SadalMelek at 3 deg 45 is associated with sudden destruction if an affliction here (also persecution).

The fixed star Markab at 23 deg 29 gives honor but also danger from fire, fever, cuts and blows.

The fixed star Scheat at 29 deg 22 is said to give extreme misfortune, suicide, drowning and perhps murder.

Ptolemy's Azmene degrees

According to Ptolemy, the following degrees are said to indicate lifelong infirmity if conjunct the Ascendent, ruler of the Ascendent, the Sun or Moon:

6 - 10 Taurus
9 - 13 Cancer
18, 27 and 28 Leo
19 and 28 Scorpio
1, 7, 8, 18, and 19 Sagittaruis
26 - 29 Capricorn
18 and 19 Aquarius.


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Azineme degrees-for deformities
The greatest signifiers of deformities are Saturn and the South Node. These have massive influence on any deformities of the body They are especially noticed when either of them appear in the first house. Certain degrees found on the Ascendant can make deformities more predominant (in those who have them already).
These degrees are;

Aries - 3.16
Taurus - 3.30
Gemini - 7.27
Cancer - 14
Leo - 10
Virgo - 5.30
Libra - 10.21
Scorpio - 3.30
Sagittarius - 12
Capricorn - 7.22.30
Aquarius - 13
Pisces - 6.18.30

These degrees can cause deformities when they are found on the Ascendant, Lord of the Ascendant or the Moon. They are also referred to as lame degrees;

Aries - 0
Taurus - 6-10
Gemini - 0
Cancer - 0-15
Leo - 18.27.28
Virgo - 0
Libra - 0
Scorpio - 19.28
Sagittarius -
Capricorn - 26-29
Aquarius - 18.19
Pisces - 0
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