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Hello ,
I wanted to share the exaltation placement of all 10 planets in 12 zodiak signs
acorrding to research and discovery of one russian astrologer that i believe is the correct placement .

The explanation of that astrologer in his book is in my opinion too complicated so i wil put here my explanation and i will start with finding the formula for exaltation
and when you know the formula it will be easy to know for all the 10 planets :

1. The most exalted house in a chart is 10th house and the planet simbolicly
exalted in 10th house is mars . The astrological aspect that has character of mars is the square so exaltation is connected to a sign that is in square to rullership sign .

2. Exaltation is the second strong position after rullership and we know that angular houses are the strongest of the houses for planets to be .
angular houses are in square from each other so again the square
to rullership is canditate placement for exaltation.

3.The opposite sign from rullership is the first bad position for a planet
so if we find the second worst position for a planet then the opposite sign will be the second best position for a planet to be so after oppostion the square from a sign is the second bad position and the opposite to it is the exaltation .

4. Exaltation has 2 things incommon with the square aspect :
1)both are not permanent and oprate with recess .
2)both : Exaltation in a specific period of time can be stronger than rullership
and the square can be stronger then oppostion aspect .
so again connection between the square and exaltation .

and now after some teory i will give an example :

the sun rulles leo it has torus and scorpio in square to leo .
leo is fire element and it's biggest enemy water element so scorpio is
the second worst placment for leo (sun) and opposite to scorpio is torus
where sun is exalted . torus is earth ellement which is result oriented ellemet
and leo fire is about activity so activity and result are perfectly complement each other .

for exaltation :

Cardinal and fixed signs exaltation for any sign (planet ruller )
fire sign exalted in the square to it earth sign and vice versa
water sign is exalted in air square sign and vice versa

mars exalted in capricorn pluto in aquarius
venus of torus in leo venus of libra in cancer
moon exalted in libra
sun in torus
saturn in aries
uranus in scorpio

The mutuble signs are an exception :

as we know that jupiter considered traditionally ruller of pisces and sagittarius and therfore is strong in both of them
and modern pisces ruller is neptun so jupiter and neptun
are both rulling in sagittarius and pisces
which are of enemy elements so neptun exalted in sagitarrius
and jupiter in pisces .

Same way mercury both rulling and exalted in gemini and virgo
which are of enemy elements too so mutability symbolises mutation that happens in the end of the spirtual evolution when enemie elements become friends .
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Traditionally some exaltations where in square to rullership for example
saturn rules capricorn and exalted in the square sign in libra
(libra is the sign of relationships not good for such a serious and cold saturnian
temper , moon is a planet that is good in adapting to situations and people
and is the real exalted planet in libra ) aries which is in square to capricorn
is a sign of pioneers and fighters and these are a serious people that saturn
cold thinking qualities match with that sign for example albert einstein had
exalted saturn in aries .
Uranus also exalted in square to it's rullership sign in scorpio and it is one
of the exaltations positions which was always right but with saturn the idea was good i mean exaltation in square to rullership but not in the right suare sign
in libra instead of the true exaltation place in aries .

And according to tradition some exaltations were in trine to it's rullership
for example sun exalted in aries which is logically wrong because the sun
symbolize the will of a person and aries needs everything to be quick
so sun in aries does not have the patience it needs and able to get in torus where it is exalted and torus is in square to lio sign rulled by sun .

so we see inconsistency in the traditional exaltations placements ,
some are in trine to their rullership and some are in square and it
means there in no order and one rulle for exaltation
if we say jupiter exalted in cancer a trine to its rullership in pisces then
why is uranus exalted in scorpio in square to it's rullership and not exalted in
trine to it's rullership in libra or gemini same as jupiter considered exalted in cancer in trine .

So the old system of exaltations is a big mess and this is very strange that untill today such a foundemntal and important subject is still under a big
confusion and probably will be because of not enough research
and because we are still in the age of pisces, after all , the age of deception and lies and maybe when age of aquarious will come astrology will raise to a new level and all the foundamental secrets will be opened .
And when astology will be exalted in aquarious age the right exaltation of planets will not be a secret .