exaltation&debilitation in Rasi/Navamsa


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I have a question about possible impact of Saturn exalted in Rasi(4), but debilitated in Navamsa(also 4).
In my Rasi chart Moon is Lagnesh, in Capricorn. In Navamsa Lagnesh is Saturn. Venus in Pisces both vargottama&Atmakaraka.
In Navamsa dispositor of debilitated Saturn is Cancer Mars conjunct Sun(7th house)- Moon in 8th in Leo... So it's probably a Parivartana Yoga as far as I know. What could it mean? Is it connected to health or else area? I don't have any particular problems, but I'm still young and I heard that planets give an impact in 'Dasas'.
My date of birth(24th April, 1984, Bydgoszcz, time: 12:13 pm)
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I attached charts by astro.com(rasi, navamsa , 'western')


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It is said that Exalted planets when Retrograde act as debilitated. Vice versa that debilitated planets when retrograde act as exalted. It is also said that retrograde planets give effects of the previous house. In both cases for you the above chart with Saturn.


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Thank you.
I didn't get one thing. 'Previous house'- so how does it work? Like a Saturn in 3rd? Am I right? What is the effect?