Ever see the movie "Knocked Up"?


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Unfortunatley, I can't remember any of the character's names right now. But anyway, the sister of the character that gets preggers...she reminded me of a Scorpio to the ninth degree. I don't think I've read any book, or seen any movie that actually reminded me of a zodiac sign.

Just a few things I can remember off the top of my head that seemed very Scorpionic to me...

  • Very protective of her child. She had some illogical fear of her kids getting mercury poisoning, or something like that
  • Just a tad over-bearing
  • Wanted an intense, all-consuming relationship with her husband in which she spends every waking moment with him.
  • Wrongly suspected her husband of on cheating on her, so one night she followed him to this house across town and broke in, only to find out that he was doing guy-stuff with the guys (a fantasy baseball draft).
I think there was more, but I can't really remember right now.
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MkM84 said:
Interesting you say this because on Astrotheme it says that she (Leslie Mann, Big Daddy, 40 Year Old Virgin) is born on 11 November '72 and also 26th March '72. Why she has two birth dates listed is beyond me. The chart provided by Astrotheme is using 11 November as the Sun. It would definitely make sense her having Sun in Scorpio, although I've seen 26th March being used on other sites such as IMDB and I've always seen her in my eyes as a first decan Aries. Many of her films are comedies with immature sexual innuendo, blasphemy and childlike antics. Who knows, this is now confusing.

Maybe she doesn't want people to know her real birth date, a decision that would most likely only be motivated by Scorpio energy. It really annoys me when I see all these mistakes in the media, like in the newspapers or that TV show E.T. You can only sit there and cringe, yelling at the screen "Arrggg, she's not born on.....she's born on.....you *******!!"

This brings me to what could possibly be a new thread. Celebrities who give fake birth dates. Does anyone know of anyone, famous or not, who uses a false birth date for any particular reason?
Yeah I have used a false birthdate..and it was just for privacy purposes..no other reason really