Ever feel like you're the wrong sign?

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dr. farr

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For me, Pisces on the 7th house (whole sign) charged up by North Node posited in it, can account for the great sensitivity to others (7th is very much a house of relationships) and being susceptible to the influence of others particularly in the realm of interpersonal relationships. Actually you have a "super Pisces" influence here, because the sensitive degree ("cusp") of the 7th in Pisces falls in an elevated degree, (19 Pisces) which amplifies anything (planet or cuspal degree) posited in it.
Pisces' ruler, Jupiter, is rx (and so is more susceptible to outside influences than if it were direct) and is posited in the 9th (whole sign) house, which house has a good deal of subtle-abilities (like prophecy, clairvoyance, dreams, etc connected with it, according to the ancient astrologers), and this might further increase your susceptibilities to being influenced by others.


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I don't know.Even if I have a huge capricorn influence in my chart,I don't feel like a Capricorn at heart,only superficially I feel as of relating to Capricorn.

And I have got to agree with dr.farr about the 7th house.My sister ha 7th house in Pisces too and I can see a lot of traits of the sign,without having any other in her chart.


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Nope, can't say I do. I feel like Virgo (and often too much of it) and I hate it sometimes. I wish I could be more laid-back, not so anxious or nervous and that my brain would go to sleep once and while and I didn't always analyze everything or that I wasn't so critical. (and that I had more of a tolerance for dealing with the flakes in this world - oh, well, maybe that IS a good thing!)

Still I have a Scorpio Rising and I think others see that and I don't. But it does explain why I attract so many Scorpios to me and why some people are afraid of me. Dam that Scorpio Rising. Quit scaring people away would ya! :D

Amy Vir Sn Ari Mn Pis Ris

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I am happy to work behind the scenes as a great worker bee.....3 planets in Virgo....but then I have an Aries moon. Me, me, me! lol. But not AS out there as other Arian types. A humble Aries? How's that for an oxymoron. And then Pisces rising with Venus in Cancer....very considerate of others....also counter to the Aries. Yup, a humble considerate Aries moon. Go figure. lol.


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No, I think I'm certainly the right sign, despite being a 'cusp' baby. When younger, before I really understood anything about astrology, and I'd see my "sign" given as Virgo as often (or more often) than Libra, I never felt like a complete Virgo. I could see ASPECTS of myself in Virgo. (And sure enough, I have a big, honkin' stellum there.) But when I read Libra, THAT WAS ME at a very fundamental level, even if others didn't necessarily see me that way. But in myself (very ego), I recognized the Libra. And sure enough, I'm a Libra, not a Virgo. :)


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Back in my teens when I was reading those brief trashy newspapers scopes for fun, I always thought I'm a Scorpio not a Sag. Just had a feeling. I didn't have any facts as I didn't know anything about my chart (beyond my Sun sign).
Now I know why I always felt like that. I'm a 0 degree Sag with Venus singleton in Scorpio, MC in late degree Scorpio, Pluto dominant in my chart and with Pluto Uranus and Jupiter in my 8th house. My intuition was right on. :)
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Earth Sign

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Before I knew anything about astrology, I saw myself as a friendly peacemaker who was easy-going and understanding. I saw myself as something of a Libra, and still see it sometimes, though I don't have any Libra influence, and I don't see any particularly strong aspects to my Venus.

Since I've learned about my chart I've come to realize that this self-image isn't true at all. I have an unfriendly disposition, sarcastic attitude toward life, a demanding emotional side, and a killer critic inside of me, lol. I'm also more of a fencer than a peacemaker, usually argumentative and judgmental, though I know I probably shouldn't be.

So, I've come to realize that the characteristics I used to see myself as having actually don't exist in me, or at least they exist in a much smaller regard. There are some Libra characteristics I do have, though, like indecisiveness and a wandering imagination. I feel like I have Libra in me somewhere, but I can't find the Venus influence that makes me this way (if it is Venus).

And, like you, Virgorising, I've also felt a Piscean influence, but it may be because of Neptune conjoining my Sun, because I also have no planets in Pisces.


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All the time when I was growing up (and still) reading about Pisces, (my sun sign) even the bad traits often made me want to cry, they describe my personality very accurate. I felt like someone had seen my soul and put in words things about me I wasn't able to articulate. So no, I've never felt like I am the wrong sign.


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I've encountered people that don't believe I am a Taurus because I am calm and often perceived as cold. One girl was shocked when I told her because from her experiences with most, they are outgoing. Another girl even told me once, "you seem quite calm to be a Taurus". I don't understand why when most are said to be loners and introverted. I might be wrong I don't know, but either way I still identify with Pisces or Capricorn. I only have several traits of a Taurus i.e. my looks, being stubborn and slow.


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With a Libran Asc, Sun and Moon, I have no choice but to feel like a Libran...

Or do you? How can you be so sure?


Sometimes I feel like a Taurus... and right when I'm about to give up on everything, I realize that's impossible, it didn't take me 10 minutes to get out of bed this morning. Phew.


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I used to think I was because reading facts about sun signs, they are really just generalizations. A lot of it wasn't really applicable to me, or I didn't believe so.

My sun sign is Cancer, but when you read about it, all it talks about is "being a homebody, doesn't like to go out, only cares for family, gruff at first but a real sweetheart once you get to know them, moody, etc."

Personally I didn't really think it suited me at all. When a few friends would guess my sign they would always pick Aries. After learning a little bit more about it, it did make sense.

Your Sun sign isn't necessarily your "personality" so much as your main focus, "the center of the system". You'll find the most fulfillment out of life when you recognize what has the greatest gravitational pull, so to speak and harmonize with it.

At face value, your rising sign, or the ruler of your first house, would be a more accurate description of your personality (though it's not based solely on this). The reason a lot of my friends were guessing I was an Aries was because my rising sign is actually Sagittarius, which has several similarities to Aries.


This is an interesting topic that has always bugged my mind.

I've always wondered why i feel so cancerian while i don't have a single planet in Cancer. I have Virgo sun and Libra moon. Since my birth time gives a late Gemini ascendant, for a long time I used to think I might have been born some minutes later and have an early Cancer rising. It wasn't until the time Pluto was transiting late Sagittarius and all hell broke loose in my life that I realised Pluto was indeed transiting on my DC and I have a late Gemini asc.

But still I can't deny my Cancer traits. I was once reading an online article describing Cancers and It fit me so much it was laughable. For instance, I'm a homeloving family person who loves spending time with my cousins. I love staring at old pictures and I keep old useless junk that remind me of the past. I also love spending time at the beach, reading history, etc. oh and one more thing, I'm extremely moody. It seems the only trait that Cancers and I don't share is the interest in watching soap operas.

I don't know it could be a result of the stellium near my IC. Or maybe it's because my progressed asc is in Cancer. Who knows?