Eros conjunct Uranus in Synastry?


I am pretty green in my astrology knowledge and was wondering if anyone could tell me what kind of energy this aspect would generate in a synastry chart. Would it be a positive or a negative influence? Would the passion of Eros be diffused by the inellect of Uranus?



Also I have been trying to find information about the significance of an IC/MC conjunction but have not found many informational resources.


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I am also super interested in this. Between his Pluto in exact conjunction to my Neptune, his Eros conjunct my Jupiter and Uranus, my sun and erps in his 7th, my pluto atop his Venus/Mars thing and soooo much's hard to know where to begin with this. He and I can talk forever and a day...and of course, it's also beyond hot for both of us...and so romantic. Jeez. I need feedback. Pretty please with a cherry on top!


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Eros conjunct Uranus in synastry : The Eros person's sexuality with Uranus' person is strange, and this indicates that this couple maybe has an LGBTQIA+ kind of relstionship, and the intellect of Uranus make the Eros person similar to a sapiosexual, like what Mercury conjunct Eros does. This conjunction is in Sagittarius, so this conjunction is philosophical, so this strengthens the sapiosexual part (both the mathematically intellegent and philosophically intellegent are loved by sapiosexuals due to their intellegence), and Eros person have Eros in 6th house, while Uranus person have Uranus in 1st house, so this also have a Virginian-Arian twist, so this aspect indicates that the Arian (1H) person wants to be independent and have freedom in sexual intercourse, but the 6H person want more restrictions and routines in sex, so the sexual views aren't compatible at all
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