emotional struggle with career pursuit


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Hi everyone :) I'm looking to see if anyone can give me any insight to my chart regarding career..(obviously lol) My chart is attached down below.

I have my moon, Pluto, and Chiron all squaring my Pisces midheaven....
I have heard that with a lot of squares to the midheaven, career can be undeveloped and pushed to the side in favor of personal development. I don't know if a lot of astrologers agree with this, but I can somewhat see that that kind of thing has happened to me so far...
I'm 21.
I really really want a good career, and I want to establish myself in some way, but I struggle a lot with confidence. I don't really feel like I have career specific goals but all of my personal goals I would hope I could one day factor into career success. I am artistic (I think) but also very philosophical and I'd love to share these aspects of myself publicly.

I get down on myself a lot and I always feel unsure about everything.

If I have to discuss career with people in my life, I feel like my attitude gets very grave and serious. I get kind of defensive and protective of what I want to pursue and I feel like I struggle to pursue them for a lot of reasons..
I have a T-Square with Saturn, Mars and my Sun. Saturn is in my 11th house as well. My north node however, is in Leo in the 3rd house

Hopefully I am not rambling :alien:
I'd love if anyone could share any insight or give advice.
thank you!!!


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The Sun/Saturn/Mars T-square you mention is directly involved with your problem. Saturn is at the As/Mc midpoint, which draws in the entire configuration. It is painful frustration and bitterness. Mars/Saturn folks often feel themselves to be set upon or unfairly limited. There is a tendency to feel discriminated-against and a victim of injustice. Whether or not that is true, you need to process the feelings and the facts, so that it doesn't poison your attitude and your life. Imagine the kinds of attitudes that can result from bitterness, "a chip on your shoulder".

One of the most curious and ironic things is that comedians often have a prominent Saturn, like an angular Saturn, or, in your case, Saturn at the As/Mc midpoint. It reminds me of the joke, "dying is easy; comedy is hard". That kind of disconcerting and bleak humor is very typical of Mars/Saturn pictures.

You have Sun at the Mercury/Neptune midpoint; in fact, they are together a stellium. If we digest the remainder of the stellium, we see that you are indeed artistic and creative, but Sun at the Mercury/Neptune midpoint is a joker, a comedian. The Sun/Mars/Saturn T-square may cause you to tilt toward cruel humor, but, nonetheless, your chart looks suspiciously like a comedian, a stand-up comic perhaps.

I'm sure there are alternatives, but I was struck by your chart this way, and I hope you will ruminate over it. People who have struggled to find a path often have a particular path to find. I think you have a striking sense of humor combined with outstanding imagination.


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I was attracted by your post because despite being much older than you, I still struggle with career fulfilment. The common ground between us is your Pisces midheaven and my Neptune midheaven conj. It creates a lot of confusion about your goals and how to pursue them. The good side of your chart is there are many good combinations along with plenty of Earthy qualities.
Careers for a person with a Midheaven in Pisces are music, theater, film, healing arts, or literature. Jupiter in 10th is a sign of success.
There is a strong emphasis on air (communication) in your chart with aquarius rising and a sturdy mercury/uranus conjunction.
I'm not sure whether you're looking for fame/recognition or actually thinking about your own satisfaction. You have the ability to pursue what is right for you if you pay attention to your needs/desires.