Elevated and pitted degrees


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But does it work in practical applications for you? That's what matters at least.

A lot of these things we take for granted, apparently. It feels like I'll be stuck trying to figure these things out before I actually get to do anything with it. :lol:

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I've delineated with houses, with decent effect and without prior knowledge on the life of the person who I am reading for, so it's not like I don't have some observations of these things working. I've mentioned before that I began reading charts as an exercise to see if I should bother with the whole thing, or drop it and never look back.

I tend to take a stance where I apply to prove, while I can appreciate the theoretical underpinning of why x person does y. The sanctimonious infallibility that some like to dress themselves in falls apart when you encounter situations that contradict perfectly what they say. Is why I keep an eye out for at least some application to see if their beautiful reasons hold up when the rubber hits the road.