elective astrology



Salut Radu/ Hi everyone :)

I wonder if you can and would help me with some elective astrology.

I am to have an operation (supposedly a quite simple one) involving my uterus area, and I tried to find myself an optimal time to do that. But the retrograde mars, almost conjunct with algol, with the moon in good aspects and other times with mars in good aspects and the moon in bad ones, made me seek for help, because I cannot find the best solution for myself, although I've been trying to do that for the past week. So, here I am, asking for yours. :(

BD: November 6, 1973, Bucharest, Romania;)
8.30 pm (it is what I know from my mother and grandmother, who said that I wos born at "about" 8.30).

I had to have this intervention by 25 of Oct. (except for Sundays, and Saturdays afternoon).

I hope you could provide the help I need.

Thank you.