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Electional Astrology - When and When NOT to have operations

This is a tutorial/guideline on electional astrology involving scheduling surgeries.
THIS IS NOT a guideline to postpone or cancel a surgery when your or your loved one’s life is at risk. Proceed with caution.

There was a TV program a while back on Cops. One of the officers answered to a question that was asked by a reporter if certain days seem to be more bloody and crazier than others. The policeman answered “YES!” and he mentioned that during full moon he sees more bloodshed than usual.

For obvious reasons to schedule a perfect day for surgery is almost impossible and very difficult. If you have no choice with the date of the surgery, first you must look at entire natal/transit/progression chart to see so complicated it will be. Not all surgeries have flawless outcomes. A lot of them have complications and slow road to recovery.

Just a note here, a lot of medical astrologers with a doctor’s degree and astrology in their backbone do agree that surgeries are not preferable when Moon is in Mutable sign. And to my shock Moon in a fixed sign may go well.

Try to avoid surgeries IF POSSIBLE when:

1. 5 days either before or after the FULL MOON – when Sun and Moon are opposing each other
2. When transiting Moon squares/opposes/inconjuncts your natal SUN, MOON, ASCENDANT. I have mentioned that Fixed Moon is preferred by surgeons but in the case when Fixed Moon negatively aspects your natal Sun, Moon, Ascendant – AVOID it at all costs!
3. Do pay attention to Mars since it rules surgical tools and cutting. Try to have Mars in strong position. It is NOT vital but it is nice to have.
4. Saturn is another planet that influences on rate of healing, or complications or surgeries.
5. Retro Mercury is not good to have when surgeries are scheduled because a surgeon or a doctor may miss something or misread something.

Good timing for surgeries:

1. 5 days either before or after a NEW MOON – when Sun and Moon are conjuncting each other.
2. When transiting Moon sextiles or trines your natal Venus, Mars, or Jupiter. Usually an easy going trine should make you feel a bit more at ease and enjoy a comfortable recovery


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