Election results for India 2014= A disturbing pattern noticed


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16 May 2014 is the day of Election results for India.

The pattern noticed is= Retrograde Transit Saturn is in rapt conjunction with Natal Jupiter in the 6th. house of India Independance chart at Libra 25 degrees.

While Mars is also retrograde in AL of the chart.

Now both Mars & Saturn, are retrograde.
Saturn turned retrograde from Libra; while Mars was in Libra when it turned retrograde.
Libra stands for "balance''.

In D9 retro Mars & retro Saturn, both are conjunct with Jupiter in Taurus.

Libra & Taurus, both are signs of 'VENUS', which is the Lagna of the natal chart.

Let us pray that there is not much 'unrest' in this month or before July 2014

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Retrograde saturn & retrograde Mars in novile aspect (40 degrees to each other)

Mars novile Saturn: Rejoicing in one's capacity for dogged endeavour and for accepting setbacks and cheerfully coping with difficulties; rejoicing in acting out one's allotted role.