effects of Mercury and Saturn in my 8th house?


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i m just concerned and worried abt 8th house planets in my chart..i have mercury and saturn. i think bcos of saturn i met huge accident b4 14 years..bcos 8th house signifies death too..and bcos jupiter was in my 9th house, i was saved..
can u tell what effects will be cos of merucry and saturn in my 8th house? is it mercury which saved me from saturn? is mercury good in 8th house?how can one say that this planet is malefic or benefic to chart?

sorry i m asking muchh..but i m learning so i m questions on questions.
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Joseph Ledzion

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mercury is merely your thought processes. so if it's conjunct saturn, you're very serious about having organized thoughts that lead to growth in the deepest sense. it is wise that you are studying the tarot and astrology.

I have no idea what Signs mercury and saturn is in; you ought to post a chart using photobucket.com

Jupiter in the 9th house doesn't nessisarily mean you were saved -- but that is indeed a positive expression of your quest for higher knowledge, and your accident was a catalyst to help you discover another path, the path of wisdom (jupiter in 9th).

furthermore, let me clarify to you, that sign which is 8 signs from your Asc, is your 8th house, regardless of anything else. even if your Asc is 29*, the entire 1st house is the sign that contains the Asc. The Asc. is just a horoscopic point.

the divisions of the houses are for timing and strength, but any planet that falls in the sign opposite your Ascendant is your 7th house. If it's below the DC, meaning it's in the 6th house as far as timing goes, then it is weakened, because it is cadant. But it's still in the 7th house, as far as position.

hope that helps.


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I can see you are just starting to learn about astrology...You first need to understand all your house placements, not just the ones in house 8...the answer to your question is not simple-no-one can really understand what caused your accident without seeing the whole chart. House 8 is to do with death and you obviously didnt die. If it was a car accident house 3 may have been involved....
Cheers Lillyjgc
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shwetarose said:
8th house signifies death ..and merucry and saturn in my 8th house?

Hi Shweta,

The 8th house refers to the "death" of those things that are holding back our progress/development/ability to move on with life. Mercury cinjunct Sun in the 8th gives you the mental strength to let go of such things. So, for you, this is a cause for celebration rather than apprehension.