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Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is doing good, so I'm in school since the age of 4 and I was never good at it, I still am not. School's been stressful, hard and it makes me anxious.

Is there any indication in my chart that shows that I will practice a good profession using my school knowledge ?

My question do seems confusing, but I just want to know if after all these years of studying and all the years to come will give me a steady job with a good salary ?

Thank you


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Is there any indication in my chart that shows that I will practice a good profession using my school knowledge ?

Birth charts aren't that specific. They just outline the parameters for the choices you could make in each part of your life. Your tenth house placements suggest how you would go about a career and what you need from one, but they don't specify what that career is. That part is up to you, depending on what you're interested in and have the opportunity to pursue.

Similarly, your third house, your ninth house, and your Jupiter indicates what you need from education, and might hint at how easy or difficult it is for you to get those needs met.

Elementary through high school--the education that you receive while growing up, which is typically chosen for you instead of by you--is indicated by your third house. In some ways, that looks like it ought to be easy for you: the traditional ruler of Pisces, Jupiter, is domiciled in your third house, with a nice trine to your moon, and you have Venus there as well, exalted in Pisces. Based on those factors alone, it would look like your basic education has gone very well for you. The catch is that it could only go well for you if your needs were met, and the kinds of needs your third house indicates may not have been met at all in the education you actually received.

Pisces, and Cancer, which feeds into this through your Cancer moon trine to Jupiter, are very emotional, dreamy, and creative signs. For you to do well in your childhood education, it would have to have taken place in a very secure, nurturing environment with lots of room for creativity and day dreaming and free play and intuitively figuring things out in your own way. If you got to do art or music or creative writing in school, I expect you were very good at it.

But if you were expected to sit still, pay attention, do things exactly the way they showed you and no other, and judged based on how well you did those things, school couldn't have worked for you. Since it made you anxious, that's probably what happened.

Looking to your third house's modern ruler, Neptune, amplifies that message. Neptune is in Aquarius--the sign that needs to think outside the box and do things differently. A non-traditional education with lots of room for creativity would have worked very well for you, but a traditional education, absolutely not. Neptune being squared by Saturn--traditional structure, rigidity--tells us that you've been up against traditional expectations from the start. Furthermore, your Saturn is in detriment in Aries, meaning it doesn't work the usual way. You don't do well with traditional structures at all. There's a part of you that wants to conform, but fiery Aries burns that conformity away, while Aquarius flat out refuses. You can't conform, but you're constantly being frustrated by that expectation.

However, there's something that may work a bit better for you here: while your Saturn and Neptune are square by orb, they're sextile by sign. That makes for a somewhat easier square. The conformist message you've absorbed (Saturn) could be transformed into a form of self discipline that works very well for you and allows you to reach whatever goals you have, if you make your goals consistent with your desires for creativity and learning in a different way.

When it comes to higher education, there's a somewhat similar message. The big frustration comes from your early years--the positions of Neptune and Saturn speaks to that--but if you're attending a traditional university, where you're expected to learn by listening to lectures and reading books and writing papers, that won't work well for you, either. You need to learn through hands-on experience.

Ninth house cusp is in Virgo. That's the sign of the apprentice. Mercury, your ninth house ruler, is in Aries, making it a Mercury that can't sit still and needs to do something. Sitting there and listening and reading and writing won't satisfy that Mercury. Doing something physical, where you can see the results and see your progress day to day, would.

That would also satisfy your sun, being conjunct Mars in the very physical sign of Taurus. I expect that if you have something to do, some kind of hands-on project that interests you, you can give it all your focus and get completely absorbed in it. That's what you need your learning to be like, and what you need your work to be like when you go to work.


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Thank you so much Osamenor for the time you took to analyse my chart. You absolutely got it right, 90% of the time, I'm day dreaming in class. I only go to class to take notes, to understand anything of it, i come home and redo the hole class to myself in my way.

Sadly my university learning will be of going to class, taking notes, doing papers ...
I wonder what profession can I practice to see a result day to day. Would you recommend any career that may have crossed your mind looking at my chart ?

Thank you again, it was really kind of you !


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Sadly my university learning will be of going to class, taking notes, doing papers ...
I wonder what profession can I practice to see a result day to day. Would you recommend any career that may have crossed your mind looking at my chart
A few come to my mind, but which you should pick depends on what interests you, and it's possible there's something I haven't thought of that will meet your needs.

When I look at your sun and Mars, I see a person deeply immersed in creating something, and giving that something their full attention. Maybe building something. If you like crafts, working with your hands, you could do that. As I'm typing this out, I'm thinking of an article I saw once about a guy who earns his living making custom violins. He usually sells two or three of them a year, at prices that give him a good income from those two or three sales.

That picture could also fit a scientist immersed in an experiment. If science interests you, that's one way you could go. Or it could fit someone who does creative work: an artist, a sculptor, a writer, a film producer, a musician... multiple possibilities here.

That picture could also fit a doctor trying to figure out what's going on with a patient who has unusual symptoms, or a tradesman--electrician, plumber, carpenter, house painter, auto mechanic, etc.

No matter what you do for a living, it will have to be something that you enjoy and that fits your Piscean/Aquarian way of learning and thinking. Venus rules your MC and your fifth house (enjoyment, hobbies) and your sixth house (day to day work). If you try to do a conventional job, and go about work they way you were taught to go about school, you will fail.

It also comes down to making your Saturn work for you. Saturn rules your second house of personal income. In Aries, it's debilitated, indicating that if you try to go about making money in a conventional way, you won't do well at it. But if you respect your Aquarian/Neptunian drives and work in an unconventional, creative, intuitive way (Neptune and Uranus in the second), you could make a good living. It might be unsteady, feast-or-famine income, which would mean you would have to be very diligent about saving the extra money when you're making extra and spending frugally when you're making less.

Because your Venus is very strong--in its exaltation and ruling three houses--you could have a very rewarding and successful career if you do what Venus indicates. That means using your creativity. That means doing what you personally value. That means using your tendency to daydream. Venus is also a money planet. If you follow your Venus, you can prosper.


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Thank you again Osamenor for the reading, you're the first to have analysed with such dept my chart. Everything you said somehow connect to me very deeply.

I really take every single word of yours very closely to my heart. I will do my best to find how my Venus wants to express it's creativity and I will make that as my career. Many astrologers have told me that a conventional 9 to 5 job wouldn't make my career.
Through the guidance of your words, I hope I get to find that career I was meant to practice.

Thank you again ! One of your biggest fans as of today !