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The Eclipse will occur on April 8, at the 19 degree of Aries

Every eclipse is either a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) or a Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in close proximity to the Nodal Axis.

This eclipse will also conjunct Venus at 21 Aries, and square Saturn at 20 Cancer.

Anybody have any input as to the influences? :shock:



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This is quite interesting the aspects of the Lunar Eclipse are actually described by the Sabian Symbol of that degree: A YOUNG GIRL FEEDING BIRDS IN WINTER.
The Eclipse conjuncts Venus (young girl) and squares Saturn (in winter),

This Eclipse may have some relationship with Pope's death. (we know that sometimes eclipses' influence can extend before the actual occurring of the eclipse).
The Lunar Eclipse (New Moon) is related with a new beginning.
The Pope was a total Venusian (in his chart Venus is the final dispositor, also ruler of both the sun sign and the rising sign) - that explains the conjunction with Venus. The square with Saturn is related with his passing.

There may be many other interpretations as well.


Mr. Radu: Why thank you very much for the reply, it makes perfect sense and I'm looking into the link you posted. I'm new to the Sabian Symbols but I'm finding they relate to so, I can't read enough about it! :D