Eclipse Birth, Behavioural Issues, help needed w reading this chart


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Hello Astro brothers & sisters,

I have attached the chart of a sweet lovely child near and dear to me. He was born a day after the 2017 major total solar eclipse. The family has dealt w massive issues w him, mostly behavioural, but also physical health issues. He was slow in speech development but didn't seem like a typical autism situation so he has never been diagnosed despite speech therapy sessions which all stopped due to covid. However, everything went south the moment his twin siblings were born. He doesn't stand them and I would say, seems to actually detest them.

Somehow, a month ago, his already fussy eating habits got worse and now he is refusing to eat. We do not know why that is and nothing seems to help. Soon, the family may have to hook him on IVY as he refuses to eat much at all. Can anyone give me a tip re the following:

1- Why is he so OCD and has so many issues re eating and speech

2- Why has he all of a sudden stopped eating and is worse than ever ( apparently he is losing weight quickly and the family is doing their best to put vitamins in his milk which is the only drink he still has and a few chicken nuggets throughout entire day)

3- Any ideas how we could fix this and when it may be fixed if this is some sorta transit or cycle that is going to end?

Thank you all in advance,

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