Earth ruler?


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Where is Earth shown in the horoscopic chart? Where? Why, of course...smack dab in the center of the wheel, smack dab in the middle of heaven...pardon me, the universe. In the chart, the Earth is at center, surrounded by everything else in the universe.

The Earth is the Subject of the horoscope, influenced by its surroundings. It "rules" You (or Whoever), but rules nothing in its surroundings; it is receptive, not active.

Moon is surrogate for Earth among the planets.

Note then, that You are at the Center of the Universe...both psychologically (you have no other possible perspective than with yourself at center) and literally (scientifically, as in Big Bang).


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There is a REAL possibility that human would colonized other planets in the near future. So with that being said, why not to prepare for another astrological reformation.

I think you missed it that Earth is the subject of horoscope, the subject IS the human. Any type of science as far as I know would categorized subject as "organic" nature.

Obviously, your favorite book Almagest or (maybe) Quadripartitum is just a plain joke on how the universe works (excuse me no offence). We're not in the centre. How in the hell the Earth could move the Sun in Ptolemy sense.


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The atman is immaterial. Earth is substantial. In the circular western chart, earth appears at the crux (meridian x horizon), symbolic of manifestation.

We are talking about two different things.