Earth as ruler


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I know that many of us use geocentric astrology of course as we are on Earth. I read somewhere that Earth is polar opposite to our Sun sign at birth. HOwever if we were on Mars for instance, and apparently some of us are and have been..... a whole other story.....then we would need to factor in Earth as a legitimate planetary influence. Fun to think about. I feel that Taurus is a good match. With Venus as co ruler or vice versa...



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One way to look at this is, that the Earth already is a ruler through moon. If I'm not completely wrong, the moon used to be a part of Earth when the planet was still developing, and if you look at the symbolism it fits. Moon, like Cancer which it rules, symbolizes femininity and motherhood in nearly every culture. Think about the word "mother Earth" and then Cancer (motherhood, nurturing, etc.). I meant to write an article about this a while ago, but apparently I forgot it. Maybe I'll take it under work some time in near future when I have time.


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l will give you an example of my natal chart.

Sun in Gemini
Earth in Sagittarius
Ascendant in Sagittarius

I only draw from my intuition when it comes from my natal chart, since my heart and spirit should be able to interpret it naturally. My Sun tells me that I have to bring myself to work in groups and relationships. My Earth tells me that I have to ground myself to the spiritual and expand my horizons, and I am down to earth with my spiritual horizons. My Ascendant tells me that I am rising(ascending) to my spiritual side and expanding to new heights.

:sagittariusimg: ASCENDING :geminiimg: DECENDING


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I believe that Earth should be the ruler of Libra. Since Libra is the sign of Balance and our planet is the planet of balance, since our planet has to be in balance for life to thrive. Take into consideration the cycle of seasons. Our summer balances out our winter, our spring balances out our autumn, and vice-verse. Then consider that one is balanced when they are grounded and down to earth. But this is just a thought just like all others.