Dreams and Reality


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I believe I am undergoing an internal conflict where my dreams or perception of the future is coming up against the hard wall of reality.

I personally feel divided on how I see myself in relation to my path in life, one part of me feels ambitious and bold, a dreamer and explorer that seeks glory and astonishment above all else and the other part of me is the cold hard realistic hand of reality, where all the details and consequences come into focus.

If you were to ask me where I see myself in five years? One part of me wants to answer 'travelling the world, working here and there, living abroad' (I have done this a bit in the past, and I would say it's what I live for) while the other part of me reels that in with concern over the possibility of family, children, career and personal responsibilities.

As T-Pluto is currently going through my 8th house, it comes into conjunction with Neptune (Dreamer) and Saturn (Reality) conjunction, perhaps shining a microscope on this area of my life. My Saturn return is not far away and I feel as though I'm drawing ever closer to been squeezed through the eye of a needle.

Is the challenge here to combine the two to form a balance? This is monumentally difficult, the internal conflict I'm experiencing is having a very negative impact on my state of mind.

I'm worried that the window is closing to make a decision on what I'm doing in life and if I don't make it, it will be made for me through external circumstances.


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The 'right' partner makes all those things you are anxious about (family, responsibility, etc.) easier....not harder. Find the RIGHT mate. Make a partnership. Make your life better.