Dragons Head Conjunct Dark Lillith


Please tell me about this fated degree. I have dark lillith conjunct the north node on the 10 degree of Capricorn in the first house. Spiritually I know this fated degree has significance but what?

List of Aspects
Mars Conjunction Pluto Orb 2°45'
Uranus Conjunction Neptune Orb 3°25'
Sun Conjunction Mars Orb 3°28'
Venus Conjunction MC Orb 5°22'
Sun Conjunction Pluto Orb 6°13'
Mercury Conjunction AS Orb 10°20
Moon Opposite MC Orb 9°39'
Venus Square Uranus Orb 0°13'
Neptune Square MC Orb 1°43'
Venus Square Neptune Orb 3°38'
Uranus Square MC Orb 5°09'
Moon Square Saturn Orb 5°42'
Mercury Square Jupiter Orb 6°58'
Jupiter Trine Uranus Orb 0°41'
Jupiter Trine Neptune Orb 2°44'
Moon Trine AS Orb 3°12'
Moon Trine Mercury Orb 7°08'
Mercury Sextile MC Orb 2°30'
Sun Sextile Saturn Orb 5°05'
Neptune Sextile Pluto Orb 5°46'
Sun Inconjunction Moon Orb 0°37'
Moon Inconjunction Mars Orb 2°50'
Sun SemiSquare Uranus Orb 0°25'
Sun SemiSquare Venus Orb 0°39'
Moon SesquiQuadrate Jupiter Orb 0°52'
Saturn Quintile Pluto Orb 0°40'
Mars Quintile Jupiter Orb 0°43'
Venus SemiSextile Jupiter Orb 0°54'
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