Draconic Synastry: Which one Soulmates is?


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Ok so I decided to check out my friend draconic today, and I was not expecting this but a lot our planets conjunct each other.

Some people here have said that it represents your past incarnation. I have read that it represents soulmates that will help you reach your higher self so people's whose natal aspect your draconic chart help you evolve to your higher self.

Comparison DRACO/DRACO this is not Draco/Natal

Significant aspects:

His Draco sun conjuncts my MC
His Draco sun conjuncts my Moon
My Draco sun conjuncts his IC
My Draco sun conjuncts his Moon
My Draco Quiron conjunct his IC
My Draco Quiron opposite his Moon
His Draco Quiron conjunct my Mercury, Venus, Saturn
His Draco Quiron opposite my Mars
His Draco Venus conjunct my Saturn, Mercury

My Draco NN conjuncts his DRACO ASC
His Draco Mars and Jupiter conjuncts my DRACO NN
My Draco Uranus conjuncts his DRACO SN
My Draco SN opposite his DRACO ASC
His Draco ASC opposite my DRACO Uranus and Neptune
My DRACO ASC opposite his Juno
His DRACO Juno conjunct my Venus

My Draco POF opposite his Saturn
My Draco POF conjunct his Vertex
His Draco POF conjunct my Mars
His Draco POF opposite my Jupiter
My Draco VX conjunct his Venus
My Draco VX opposite Uranus

Help? ;)
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