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Hi,dr.Farr! Wednesday i talked with him on phone. I COULDN'T TELL ANYTHING BECAUSE HE TOLD ME IMMEDIATELY "THIS COOPERATION IS OVER, I GUESS YOU UNDERSTAND. I CAN'T TALK NOW,I AM TO A CONGRESS". I was so amazed so i said him ok,bye. His words hadn't no sense. Then , i wrote him a message on phone. I was very upset and i reproached him a lot of things and also i wounded him,i am sure. Now i am pretty sure that's the end. My question is- IS IT THE END OF OUR RELATIONSHIP?- I asked this question on November,4th,2011,at 00:30[UT+0],from Iasi, Romania. Please,help me,look to my chart,i delineated it in equal! Thank you in anticipate! Warmly regards !:kissing:


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dr. farr

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(Following is not in accordance with standard horary delineation and uses whole sign house format)

-Part of Love (POL-ascendant+7th cusp-Venus) falls @ 10 Capricorn = Saturn significator
-querent = 1st house = Virgo = Mercury
-he = 7th house = Pisces = Jupiter
-both Mercury and-by retrograde motion-Jupiter, flow toward the POL = + testimony (+ testimony means that the finality of the relationship has not yet occured)
-POL is in querent's 5th house of romance and in quesited's 11th house of friends, gains, and the Good Spirit = + testimony
-Mercury flows toward Jupiter and Jupiter retrogrades toward Mercury = + testimony
-querent's co-significator the Moon flows toward quesited significator Jupiter, which also retrogrades toward the Moon (+) but Moon flows away from the POL (-) which = net neutral testimony

Given the circumstances as related by the querent, its seems hard to accept but the indications in this delineation of the horary question says that "no, the relationship has not reached its end" (as of this time)

Its all coming from the quesited: look at his significator, Jupiter: it is in a pitted (blocked, neutralized) degree-in his third house, ie, the house of HIS communications, and also-according to the researches of Charles Carter-a house closely connected with mental conditions as well; look at his 12th house, house of restrictions, legal troubles etc, it is posited by a retrograde Neptune with a Moon/Neptune conjunction, and the Moon is the lord of HIS 5th house of romantic relationships, and its posited there in his 12th house! HIS circumstances have significantly impacted the relationship with the querent, and currently it is-and has been-AS IF the relationship is over (ended), but finality has not yet come to this situation.

When might the relationship resume? Possibly when his significator Jupiter retros (in the chart not in an ephemeris) to the POL (4 signs = 4 time units) or perhaps when the Moon as universal significator of change advances to the POL (11 signs = 11 time units) or somewhere in between (ie, around 7-8 signs/time units) What are these time units likely to be? I wouldn't say weeks, not in this particular case; I'd say more likely, months.
The real question here is whether or not the querent really feels that it is worth it for her to continue to invest her energies in this relationship...and that answer is not to be found in the signs and planets, but rather within her own heart...


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Hi, dr.Farr! Thank you for your kindness to answer me so fast ! I expected your answer so anxious, i have complete trust in you! But i didn't expect that the chart shows anyone good aspect. I was sure that everything is over between me and him. I am so sorry that i wrote him that message, i shouldn't do that! I wrote rude and ironical words. I think that my message annoyed him and maybe he was sad when he red my message. I am in such a bad mood, i was too impulsive, now i can't repair anything. Maybe he can forgive me, maybe he understand why i did that, i hope so from all my heart. I wish to tell him to forgive me,to tell that i'm not feeling like i wrote, but i can't talk to him now, it's a very dramatic situation, what's your advice,it's better that i'm waiting a period of time? In the chart you delineated me in early September, Mars was in his 1st house, now Mars is in his 12th house,what does it mean? If it's possible that our relationship resume i will wait ,me and my heart, to the end of time! Dr.Farr,please, can you tell me what the 8 Magic Ball is telling,please! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!:kissing: GOD BLESS YOU!

dr. farr

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All indications are that for the present time you can do nothing to modify or otherwise influence HIS state, and life circumstances; for the present, then, you can do nothing, and you must allow time to pass, and WAIT (if this is your desire!)