Double transits, need help with interpretation. Saturn conj. Uranus, uranus conj. Sat


My upcoming transits are making me wonder. Transit saturn in 4th house conjunct natal uranus. At this position, Saturn will also square my natal mars in 1st house and opposite my sun and moon in 10th house. Doesn't sound like great time!?
Transit uranus in 7th house will conjunct my natal saturn, square my sun and moon and opposite my mars.
And all of these transits are happening in the same time kind of. Just makes me wonder with so much attack on my personal planets what should I expect?
With transiting saturn now on my ic I am sick of home, feeling stuck and only a miracle would solve my big problem.
Also I have migraine and now is back very powerful. Low blood pressure too.

I have a question about another transits that I will be having. Tr.saturn opposition progressed Venus, And then after this one is done - tr.saturn opposition natal Venus is coming.

Please guys give me some insight...


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As Saturn passed my IC, I felt all the pain and regret by past mistakes and I let everything go. I realized holding all the suffering doesn't help me. I want to progress and letting go was one step :)