Double Saturn Return - Capricorn Stellium Babies


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I am wondering if anyone on this forum has been thinking or researching the impact of the Saturn retrograde and how it's affecting the Saturn-Uranus-Neptune stellium generation.

Being a member of the cohort of individuals impacted by this grouping, this has been on my mind for a few years, especially after I found out that the retrograde was going to cause a double return. It wasn't until my first return back in February that I really took a deep look at what the retrograde would mean for me. What I discovered was that not only was I going to get a double return, but that Saturn was going to station direct in exact conjunction to my natal Saturn. From near the end of last year things have been super-extra hard (thank you Saturn), including major unexpected bills, family dying and being diagnosed with terminal illnesses, major communication problems with superiors at work and major set backs in performance, and the break down of my image of self and values.

Is there any one out there with some insight into this? I have searched high and low with no success on this topic. Unfortunately for us (and those with the extra special luck of having the exact conjunction at station direct), I think that this type of combination is so rare that there is no real documentation. Any insight?