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I sometimes play this police siren outside my bedroom window when I want to get rid of wee boy stoner’s chatting. Not cos they’re noisy and I can’t sleep, I’m just jelly cos I want their weed.



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Thank you for saving the sea lion, friendly human :)

Are you going to celebrate by chowing down on the rotting carcass of a sentient being that was murdered? 🍔





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Today I learnt that things like toilet roll and fabric softener are not usually vegan - toilet roll companies usually use gelatine, and fabric softener has beef fat in it.

Thankfully, Tesco’s own brand toilet roll is vegan, and that’s what I buy, but I’ll need to start looking into cleaning products.

The company ‘Smol’ is meant to be good for washing powder, and I have found a website full of vegan cleaning products.

I don’t like using bleach anyway, so I was already going to switch to using white vinegar and bicarbonate soda. There are a lot of other handy natural products which can be used for cleaning, which will only take a small amount of studying to get the hang of.

I have been Vegan since lockdown and I am still making mistakes!!

The good thing is, since becoming Vegan 4 years ago, I have transformed my diet slowly to being mostly whole foods, so hardly any processed foods at all. Processed food is anything with more than 5 ingredients in it btw, and it has to be something eligible, not some serial number sounding chemical.
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It’s not my final post. Final post may be soon but I have some loose ends to tie up first (like the Maths exam on 13th May).

I quit smoking weed finally, been a walk a day, but have not yet started to study Maths (and I am seriously weak at Maths so I can’t even wing it).

I did like watching this 20 min video tho - a guy audits the Police - so he is wearing a hat, a mask, a rucksack and is filming the police station - clearly picking a fight with the police, to egg them into infringing on his rights so he can make a claim against them. He does warn them they are close to infringing on his rights, so his motive is not to make money, but to turn the tables and remind the police and the public that they are here to protect and serve us, we do not need to serve their ego’s.

It is really good because he is teaching people in the UK what their rights are!! This video was incredibly educational.

I am one of these people who feels safe when I see the Police. Especially as a women tbh. But I am also very naive and idealistic if I think they will always have my best interests at heart. I remeber a couple of occasions, a police person making a judgement on me and deciding I did something wrong before, even though I didn’t, and one even raised their voice at me once inside my own home, after I had called them!! It scared me so much I shut up and he smiled like he was proud of raising his voice at me in my own house. I was so wary of the police after that.

I still appreciate the safety they provide, but it is equally safe to know your civil rights!!

I was even thinking of getting my own body cam, then I realised I have an iPhone. Any corrupt person in a position of power, will not want you recording them. Tbh, I think a secret bodycam is jsut common sense.

This guy is trolling the police, to pick out the corrupt, egotistical ones, and teaching us how we can defend our civil rights against them. He is doing great work.

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On 13th May, imma exit this thread like this guy exits this store. I’m so eager to get on with the next chapter of my life now!

PS: click the box shape on bottom right and you’ll see this short clip loads better. 👌🏻

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Auditing Britain, YouTube channel.


You know what I just realised - iPhones are the new knife crime - people use it as weapons these days, and that’s a good thing!

I watched a video last night from a guys YouTube channel, where he goes to a train station and records himself playing the piano.

One of his videos went viral a couple of months ago, because the Chinese Communist Party took offence to him recording when they also wanted to record something, and they tried to get him into trouble. There was such a backlash against the police trying to take the Commy’a side, that he now has public support and his channel has gained in popularity.

Well, a Canadian man, called Crusty apparently, starts trolling him, and it was really funny, because the public starts to turn on the troll and use their iPhones as weapons 😂 it’s really funny, you should watch the video.

But it also made me realise how powerful recording everything you do is - iPhones are the new gun-slinging cowboys type thing, and then my next thought was, ‘the government isn’t going to like how much power the public has with this,’

And then it took me a few seconds to realise that it has been in the news recently about banning mobile phones in schools, under the pretence it is ‘distracting’ children.

Well, watch this space folks. Pluto in Aquarius will bring about a whole censorship towards mobile phones soon!! Watch this space!

Here is the video, it genuinely is amusing to watch, even one of the security guards tries to stifle a laugh.

It is a bit of a shame for Crusty though, cos he gets beat up by a school boy and head-butted by some other random member of the public, and he did not retaliate at any point, so he is not an aggressive troll, which made him much more likeable, even though he was cast as the baddy in this situation. Still funny tho.

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I think the fayre must be in town because my windows are open and I can hear the music pumping from my living room.

I’m going to study more Maths. It’s taken me 3 hours and I am only on 5min57secs and the video is 4hour40mind03sec long.

It has taken me so long because I have to pause it to google **** cos I don’t know what the hell he is doing.

He talks about Surds, which sounds like an ethic minority to me, but apparently it is to do with a square number or some ****.


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So the guy who ‘audits’ the Police, received a claim of £1500 from ‘PC Bully Boy’ aka PC Jenk’s, who put him in cuffs illegally and refused to identify his collar number.

So the guy returns to Redditch Police Station, asks to see ‘PC Bully Boy’ at the police station so he can show off his cash, and then proceeds to hand out tenners to the general public and then gives the rest to a local food bank!!

That’s amazing work, AuditingBritain!

10 min video of the Redditch Redemption —

If you would like to see how it started, here is the illegal detention of the man who runs the channel, and where PC Bully Boy admitted he was bullied at school and therefore does not trust the general public, which somehow justifies him bullying the general public now 🤷‍♀️

PC Bully Boy aka PC Jamie Jenks, badge number 21101, and, if you would like his help in solving crime, his mobile number is: 07773 051 020

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This is when he worked for West Mercia Police, and you can see him bullying some other poor fellow here by showing up at his house with the intention to harass, but he got sacked from there, so he went to work at Redditch Police station next.

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On 13th May, imma exit this thread like this guy exits this store. I’m so eager to get on with the next chapter of my life now!

PS: click the box shape on bottom right and you’ll see this short clip loads better. 👌🏻

This thread has already been 2 years, and now you're gonna exit it. Will you ask Osa to close this thread?


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Actually, there is one processed food that is currently non-negotiable for me - ketchup. Favourite brand: Daddies (as opposed to the popular Heinz variety). Daddies has a bit of spice to it that is missing in the Heinz version.

I do like a bit of chips with my ketchup.

I suppose I should focus on trying to come up with my own recipe that I like just as much as that.


Mama ketchup, papa ketchup, baby ketchup.

Papa ketchup turns round to baby ketchup and says, ketchup.



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Not everyone’s chart is the same. As in, some of them are harder than others. I am a case study.

One thing we all have in common though, is we are all afraid of the future. Tentative, if you can admit to that.

I wish for my dreams to come true.

I want a career and a baby. I would also like a man who has more balls than I do, but that might be asking too much of God.

I have bigger balls than a bull. I am also very scared.

Frightened of the future.

Most of all, I want to feel safe.

But my comfort zone will only lead me backwards.

So I leap into the unknown, like the Fool, and I simply surrender and pray.

Remind me to talk about my past lives soon.

During the recent Mercury retrograde that just finished, I sought the help of an astrologer who I thought might be able to help me.

But she looked at my chart, and she was intimidated. It’s ok, women have been intimated of me in real life too. They like to remind me they are more important or stronger than me, even though I was just trying to meet them on a level.

The same happened with this astrologer - Hilary Bond - she is not a genuine shaman, as she proclaims.

The reason I know is because I told her about my past life memories, and she said they were not true because she just knows. My first reaction was to believe her, but after a few days, it didn’t seem like my memories were false.l and I began to question her motive for shutting me down like that.

She then backtracked over money arrangements, asked me if I owned my own house, and seemed to look at my chart and think it had financial blessings. I thought that was strange for a shaman to be so focused on money.

As a spiritual person myself, I am not against making money or building a career. In fact, I have seen other people use spirituality as an excuse to be lazy.

So it was not the fact that Hilary Bond was focused on money that put me off, it was because it was becoming apparent, it was her main motive in life.

She said she had a phd and her name was Dr Hilary Bond, but if I was to send her money, not to put the doctor part, even though she is, she says.

My dear Hilary, I was genuinely disappointed when I realised you are not a shaman, but in fact, a duplicitous black witch.

Another funny moment was when she gave me advice about how to neutralise a curse and return it to sender 3fold. And I said, whilst still believing in her at this point, that I was a little hesitant to begin this mantra, since I was the originator of the curse, and I didn’t want to send it back to myself.

That’s when she shut me down and said, ‘you were not the originator, trust me.’ She said this even before she stated she had done any shamanic journeying. So she was just talking down to me basically.

The poor witch obviously didn’t know how to deal with someone who was the creator of a past life curse, like I am.

She said her chart is strong because she has Pluto as the apex of one of her yods. Yeah whatever, lady!

Don’t get me wrong, she has a fair idea of how all this works, enough to fool a naive person.

But, unfortunately for her, she was unable to obtain any money from me, because I knew for a fact my past life memories were real, and the truth of them did not lessen, even when she told me they were not real.

In other words, she was intimidated by my chart because I am, in fact, the real deal. Not saying I am a shaman, but I am more of one than she is, and that became readily apparent.

So by the time she started trying to change the financial plans and up the price, or tell me she was a Dr but not to call her a doctor on paper, the writing was on the wall.

Silly woman.

If you know enough to play the part, surely you should also believe that God sees everything you do.

Do people not believe in God? I am not religious, but I do.

If people realised that God sees everything you do, big and small, and bad big and small things less to bad big and small karma, surely they would stop deceiving other people, or themselves?

I honestly don’t get how she thinks she can get away with it.

Sure, you might have made money from people over the 10 years you’ve been deceiving your customers, but your soul will not be able to progress, because you are imprisoning yourself.

And when physical death comes and you are confronted with your deceitful behaviour in front of God, what will you say then?

I can see her crying and asking for mercy.

There is no mercy that can take away a sin - there is only redemption - and redemption is for our own good.

We must pay for our mistakes, like I am paying on this life, for murdering someone in a previous life.

Anyway, fake spiritual types. That was a close shave I had. She never got any of my money, and I told her I felt uneasy and the communication will end here, that’s it. I did not confront her about it.

Because one thing for sure I have learnt from one of my past life memories - is you don’t interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake.

What I mean by that is, I have a past life memory of murdering someone, but I thought it was justified because they controlled and scared me. I just handed my enemy a get-out-of-jail-free card this life time though, to make up for me murdering them.

She reincarnated as my sister this life time. And trust me, this life has felt to me like a long, hard road of lessons.

So, have some advice from one ex-black witch to another, lady - redeem yourself while you can.

I try to do everything right. I try, I try and I try and I try again. Trying so hard to better myself.

In the future, I would like to just be comfortable. I want to stop fighting. I’m tired of trying so much. Don’t get me wrong, I have been more exhausted. But I am just tired.

Maybe I should stop trying so hard and just surrender. Just keep doing the right thing but try relax t the same time. That’s impossible for me, I don’t know how to not fight. I like fighting. But I’m still tired.

Ok, so now I edit my wish a bit - I wish for the ability to surrender and let go.

That way, a baby, a man with bigger balls than me, or a career - it does not matter if I do not reach my goals, because I have put my trust in God and surrendered, knowing everything that happens, happens for a reason.

Absolutely. I wish for the power to surrender.

This is 5D ****. See what I did? I went from focusing on 3D goals, to switching it to one 5D goal.

That’s how you win, not by stealing money off of people and playing a game, like that silly witch is doing.

Phd, my **** babe. Phd stands for pretty hopeless dickhead. And maybe to punish her, the devil might have a phd of his own for her, ya get me bruv.
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