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Hitler watching the 1936 Olympics high on Dexamphetamine 😂

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Here is a 1min43sec clip of Elizabeth Taylor talking about her near death experience when she needed her tracheotomy. She talks about seeing her not-long-deceased husband Mike Todd, who told her she still had stuff to do and needed to go back —



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A friend who visited my house recently, has a roommate that has a cat. My friend told me yesterday that the cat has fleas. It has now been passed on to my 3 indoor cats.

Even though I was annoyed, because he asked for advice on how to deflea his cat and I told him he needs to take it to the vets, I begrudgingly resigned myself to having to fork out flea treatment for my INDOOR cats, even though I am currently unemployed and signed off work due to stress.

However, today, he wrote back saying that his roommate is against de-fleaing their cat and when I told him it was going to put me in a financial crisis, his reply was, ‘well, it’s not my cat!’

His reaction spelled the end of our friendship and I wrote back saying that reaction was a slap in the face.

Luckily, I had help from a mutual friend, who suggested I should threaten with civil legal action to request back the costs that I will incur, so I did.

I will update on what this prick does.

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Poor indoor cats! I really love them, although my family hates them with a passion, and if the flea passed to a cat that is my pet, I'd take him/her to go to the vet immediately after fleas being detected on the cat.


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I watched this video on CPTSD and chronic loneliness and I felt so inspired by the healing opportunities it represented. I literally sent this message to about 3 people, including my brother who I haven’t seen in over 10 years —

‘Hi, I have CPSTD, which is short for complex PTSD, which means I suffered from abuse and neglect in my childhood. As an adult, I struggle to regulate my emotions and build connections with people and so I suffer from chronic loneliness.

How you doing? 😃’


The video:

I will write back with what reactions I get.

Just an update on what reactions I got when I sent the above message —

The most interesting response was from my brother. I have not seen him in over 10 years since we had a major falling out when our Gran died. But I did message him out of the blue a few month’s ago, because something came up on my Facebook memories, where he had written something nice about me, so I shared it with him then, and we ended up havhf a brief chat online.

So sending him the above message would still be considered being extremely open and out of blue I think, but he also understands my sense of humour and how my mind works, especially in relation to the rest of my family members, who for some reason found me difficult to understand.

His reaction was good. He watched the video and replied back with a similar humorous resposne, about how he also suffers from chronic loneliness and how am I doing.

He has also had difficulties with work, which sounded really dark: a girl confided in him that she was being sexually harassed and had had to take time off work because she had started to self-harm. My brother went to HR about it and the chef who had been doing the sexual harassment, ended up losing half his pension. But the guy had a lot of friends at work, who started bullying my brother, so my brother had to take 6 months off work. Eventually, his work place created a new role for him, where he only has to work for 2 days for the equivalent of full time wages, or he was going to sue them. So, good on him.

I do not know if my brother will reach out to me on his own accord. He has Venus conjunct Saturn in his chart, and is a Sun Leo and Moon Taurus - so a sweet but stubborn soul. He also has Mars square Pluto exact - an explosive temper! That is how we fell out the last time, because he lost his temper with me and has still not apologised for that. So let’s see what happens. Me reaching out is as much as I can do without saying abuse is acceptable.

Ok, so, I sent the same message to two other guys. One of them replied back giving me a compliment, but he's a smarmy wee *******, with a good sense of humour, who is just trying to butter me up because he is a sex addict. A really nice guy who has a good soul, but he and Sun Sag directly opposite his Moon in Gemini - playaaaaa.

The other guy I messaged is so self-involved, the conversation is drier than….*insert relevant humorous metaphor here.* He wants to date me, but has not yet realised that I am refusing to date him until he asks me even just one bloody question about my own life. His brother died last year, so I appreciate he is on a healing journey right now, which I have encouraged him on, but he was self-involved before his brother died and it is a problem that runs in the family. A generational narcissism. He is a nice guy though but he has not asked me one question about myself for over a year even though he wants to date me 😂

Well, those are the reactions I got.

I am about to go a 10k walk and later this event I hope to write about my past life memories.

Oh, and the guy who I threatened with civil legal action, has not replied to me yet. Honestly, I was more than happy to pay for the flea treatment myself, and I will, and I was only threatening civil legal action to make the point, that he has acted hugely irresponsible and belligerent about this. Either way, he simply cannot visit my home again, if he is refusing to deflea his bloody cat. Honestly, just like Nietzsche said, ‘hell is other people!’

Anyways, I’m away a walk now.


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New best on FreeCell at 01:19am today. I wasn’t even trying to beat it so I probably could have done it quicker, or maybe the fact I was relaxed helped clinch it - 1min38secs is not bad.



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It was today’s date when I first realised that Armageddon is a place actually mentioned in the bible, as the final spiritual battle.

I was just reading an article about the conflict in Hamas when it was mentioned.

It seems to me that this not a coincidence, that we are at such crucial junctures on the emergence of the Age of Capricorn, what with Hamas triggering a holy war just before Pluto would enter Aquarius.

I doubt it is a coincidence for anyone looking at this with a theology mindset.

If I, a random spritual pursuiter, with only a limited knowledge of the Scriptures from my childhood, can work out what is going on, I suspect most lay-people with a religious mindset will be thinking the same thing.

Never mind those who are higher up and directly involved - I am probably late to the show in terms of realising why the Palestine-Israel conflict is pre-ordained.

It is the very fact it is pre-ordained, that has inspired those involved to spark a holy war, as if to ignite the end times and lay down the gauntlet for whose God is right.

I’m not opposed to the idea that Israel were covertly involved in the Oct 7th attack, because I believe they are as power hungry as any enemy, but Hamas is actually the real enemy and the one who is trying to ignite the final battle. They really are just ISIS.

Do we need it made anymore obvious to us when the evil that walks earth parade black flags and seek to control others, and especially women?

Women, the spiritual portal that is feared.

Well, yes, when we have clowns dressed up in multicoloured clothing, with both breasts and dicks, waving rainbow flags, it legit can get a bit confusing.

But it’s not in this case - Hamas is the evil that needs destroyed, who are trying to trigger Armageddon. But they’re far too early. And they can’t decide when it is triggered, only God can do that. Anyone who tries to tweak or play power games with God, will become destroyed.

‘Armageddon, (probably Hebrew: “Hill of Megiddo”), in the New Testament, place where the kings of the earth under demonic leadership will wage war on the forces of God at the end of history. Armageddon is mentioned in the Bible only once, in the Revelation to John, or the Apocalypse of St. John (16:16)…

The Palestinian city of Megiddo, located on a pass commanding a road connecting Egyptand Syria, was probably chosen as a symbol for such a battle, because it had been the scene of many military encounters owing to its strategic location. (Megiddo was also the site of a crucial battle in 1918 during the First World War and lent its name to the victor: Lord Allenby of Megiddo.)’

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‘Nevertheless, the Bible does show that Armageddon takes place during Jesus’ invisible presence, which began in 1914.—Matthew 24:37-39.’

— 1914, the start of the First World War

— Also, the Jews were given legal right to live in Jerusalem after the displacement of the Jews in WW2, starting this current Israel-Palestine conflict.
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Syria is the second capital of the ancient biblical world. This article explains Syria’s connections to the bible. It is also a nice read because you can tell he loved Syria.
The Greater and Minor Syria were mentioned approximately 300 times in the Bible

‘In the Gospel of (Luke 2:1-2) we read: “In those days, Caesar Augustus issued a decree that a census should be taken of the entire Roman world. This was the first census that took place when Cyrenius was governor of Syria, this is exactly the time when Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Here we should mention the time of the birth of Jesus has pided history into before and after his birth (BC and AD).’

The NWO know about the prophecy and are trying to rig it in their favour.

First they tried in Syria with ISIS, but the West destroyed their spiritual capital - Raqqa.

Next, the NWO are trying it out in Jerusalem.

They’re trying to rig it in their favour, to give themselves the best chance of winning.

They cannot win but hey, if you had a lot to lose, as in, being the secret 1% in charge of the 3D world, you would use whatever was at your disposal to at least try. You don’t walk away when you’re power hungry.

What I want to know is, why are they making it so obvious, dressing the bad guys up in black, twice?

I think evil is obvious and very predictable. So obvious, it makes life like a caricature of itself.