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12th House - Hidden - Secrets - SURVEILLANCE

Trump family watched the raid on CCCTV - confirmed :)
This is another reason to have synchronized cameras in your house
so you can watch events that may happen while you're not there

not just theft from criminals
but actions of authorities



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:sun::conjunct::mars: AC/Royal Star Regulus & President Trump being recognized by the 'KING-MAKER' he is.

His America-First candidates he endorsed in recent primaries won at a rate of 97%!😆😆😆

The re-building of the Rep Party is in full MAGA mode now! The :sun::trine::saturn:aspect in his Solar Return paying off dividends.

:saturn:rules karma, all the lies/attacks/propaganda against Trump by the corrupt media/criminal Democrat cabal are being exposed.
It's all blown up in their treasonous faces!
It's the Dems, the fake news, AG Garland & FBI who are being called out for their illegal & criminal acts.

Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
  • When will people realize that the atrocities being perpetrated by the FBI and DOJ having to do with the Raid and Break In of my home, Mar-a-Lago, or after years of other atrocities and unthinkable violations of freedom and the law, this has been going on for years, from the moment I came down the golden escalators in Trump Tower, right up until the present. At some point you have to look at what took place in the past to determine what is going on in the present….
Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
  • ….and nothing has ever happened like that which is going on in our Country right now. The law enforcement of our Country has become that of a Third World Nation, and I do not believe the people will stand for it—between Fraudulent Elections, Open Borders, Inflation, giving our Military to the Enemy, and so much more—how much are we all expected to take?
Donald J. Trump@realDonaldTrump
  • I hear that the great Agents & others in the FBI are furious at FBI leadership for what they are doing with respect to political weaponization against a President (me) that always had their backs, and that they like (love!) a lot. They don’t like being “used” by people they do not agree with, or respect. Likewise, they are not exactly thrilled with the leadership at DOJ! Similar to the revolt against Comey when he exonerated Crooked Hillary, but was forced, by them, to withdraw the exoneration!



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