Domicile Saturn in wealth


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Just running a bunch of horaries on bunch of people around me that present themselves as financially successful. I know that wealth involves a number of houses such as 2nd, 8th and 11th. I’m primarily concerned with Saturn. A lot of people I query on had either Capricorn or Aquarius on the second house cusp and Saturn, L2, domicile in either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd house. I had discussion with my BF about this and she thinks it’s straight out restriction in possession of resources. I acknowledge that but as it’s domicile, I thought it meant some level of wealth as it’s domicile. In the 2nd, I thought this person wealthier than others as it’s in its own house but not so so strong if it’s in the 3rd or 1st (appearing on asc) as it’s the 12th house of resources. Maybe the 1st house ones might be eminent.

chart 1 - domicile Saturn/Jupiter (Aqu) in 3rd, Pluto in 2nd
chart 2 - domicile Saturn 2nd (Aqu), Jupiter 3rd (Aqu), pluto 1st, POF on asc
Chart 3 - dom Saturn/Jupiter 2nd (Aqu), Pluto 1st, POF on asc
Chart 4 - Dom Saturn 1st, Jupiter 2nd (Aqu), Neptune 2nd (Pisces), POF on asc, Pluto 12th and 3 degrees behind asc

Which person is the richest? Pluto too - complications or wealth?