Does she wants to get rid of me with the noise or there is something worse behind it


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My question was: when will I stop being afraid of my brother's wife (her noise caused by the floor higher paralyzes me with fear - no soundproof isolation). We live in the same house. I'm very sensible (Moon square Neptun)

Moon is her (ruler of the 3. H). But she is in the intercepted house in the 6. house of SCO? Ruler of 6. H is Venus, but Moon is in SCO.
Does this mean that there are secrets I know absolutely nothing about them? Or does this just means, that she secretly works against me (SCO) of jealousy (Moon opp. Mercury), but she shows a nice face (Venus as ruler of the 6. H)? The devil behind the mask? Does this mean that she does this, to get rid of me from the house (or worse, to get it all just for them)?
I always complain because of the noise, but it doesn't help.


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