Does she have cancer - if so will she be okay (survive)?


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Guys since there was not a single response in 3 weeks I decided to move this to a medical forum.

Thank you


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It's hard to read the Western chart because the symbols are stylized and no angles are illustrated.

Do you have a list of symptoms or her natal chart?

The Ascendant degree is late.

Is that the PoF in H6?
That's correct PoF is in the 6th. What don't you see about the angles? All the degrees are listed. What is hard to see?
By the way we now have results. Before I post them I was hoping for anyone to try and take a look at it.
So surprised that I got zero response literally to this query.


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1.sag in the ascendant she is trying to stay as positive as possible.
1.She is ruled by Jupiter in the 12 house.
2. Theres Saturn Pluto and Ketu in the 1 st house however both Saturn and Pluto are Retrograde.
3.The moon in 4 aquarius cusp on 2nd house is opposing Mercury 2 Leo in the 8 House (so this aspect is separating) but it's coming to oppose the Sun and Venus and Mars in the 8 house(Mars could be surgery).
4. Uranus I'm the 4 house coming to square the Moon. 4th is ruled by Aries which is in the 8th
5. PoF in the 6th


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Wait for the doctor’s diagnosis. Using divination to predict a health problem is a bad move. Charts have been wrong. Charts aren’t doctors.
Thanks for your consideration - not to worry this person is seeing a doctor/she is not the one inquiring. Please don’t respond if you have nothing to contribute.
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why doesn't this person go see Doctor? You will get more accurate results than from an astro forum. If this person has cancer time is of essence... please get this person to see Doctor ASAP.

You should put a chart from
This chart is difficult to read.


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Well the results were unfortunately positive for cancer.
Part of my question was if she is going to make it so feel free to post any thoughts. I understand if no takers especially with bad outcome.