Does my former boss want me fired


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My boss was switched to another team becaujse his boss saw him as a his boss he's working his way back to my team. it's in the works for him to come back and i'm nervous!!!!!

I am venus. he is mars. i is it means yes... mercury also is in opp to moon...mercury rues 7th me thats further confirmation..

i'm nervous!!!!! Help!!!


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dr. farr

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Ankara (actually oldtime Ottoman astrology) has a different outlook regarding implications of aspects between primary significators: applying sextile or trine aspects indicate + influences, square or opposition aspects indicate - influences: in the reference chart, you (Venus) flow toward the boss (Mars), which inidcates + influences, and there is an applying sextile between them = also + influences; further, Saturn, lord of your career house (the 10th in whole sign), looks good relative to the boss, ie he (Mars) applies in partile sextile to Saturn, so IF I COULD judge this chart, the answer would be NO he does not want you fired.
I cannot judge this chart because the SN rises in the ascending sign (in Taurus), therefore-since this is pretty much my only stricture against judgement in horary-I consider this chart and its indications unreliable and would suggest you re-ask this question again at a later time.