Does my chart correspond with my career goals?


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I'm always very confused about my career trajectory and have tried my hand at so many different things at this point it's become difficult to choose.

Context that might help: Currently, I'm thinking of starting up my own plant-nursery-based business after my master's degree, two years from now. I'd want to create a delivery network + a one-stop shop for the existing small, informal nurseries in the area, and connect more people (especially younger ones) to the plants they need, because I'm interested in finding practical ways to boost greenery + sustainability in my area, and my time in the public sector has let me down immensely from a real-ground-impact point of view (I'm in a third-world country.)

It's not something that currently exists where I live so it's an especially uncertain endeavour. More importantly, I'm afraid that my internal chaos might not lend itself well to trying to build something lasting. :sad: That Neptune hovering over my 10th makes me wonder if the things I'll dream up are doomed to be illusory.

Your thoughts?


chart in case it's invisible.


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Neptune in the tenth tends to make for uncertainty in what career to pursue, and perhaps a "try something out and see where it goes" approach instead of a carefully planned, step by step, career. It's associated with having multiple careers, possibly for those reasons.

Neptune conjunct Uranus at your MC suggests something unique and visionary. Your plan is certainly that!

When those placements would become a problem is if you fail to take the practical steps in setting up your business. Do you have enough seed money (or will you by the time you start)? Do you have the right connections? Do you know your intended market well enough to be sure you'll have business, and that the prices you charge will be prices they can and will pay, and will be enough to sustain your business?

The vision is the starting point. The rest is the details.

But has your known birth time changed? In this thread, you posted the same chart with different house cusps.
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Thank you so much, Osamenor. Particularly for the bit about the importance of working out the practicalities. It's true - that hasn't as yet been my strongest suit.

But has your known birth time changed? In this thread, you posted the same chart with different house cusps.

Yes! My birth form listed a recorded time, but turns out it's quite normal for the incorrect time to be recorded here (poorly-run government hospitals.) I recently found my dad's journal listing the correct birth-time, he's quite secretive and kept his interest in the occult under wraps. :)


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If practicalities aren't your strong suit, you need at least one teammate whose strong suit it is.

With this updated birth time, your seventh and eighth houses become the busiest. Partnership and shared resources. That tells us how you can best accomplish things.

Saturn is now the ruler of your MC, and in your eleventh house: groups, friends, the collective.

All this points to a need for other people to work on your goals with. You'll do so much better with them than on your own.


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Joy to you and all whom you know.

Osamenor noticed the discrepancy in birth times: 4:02 PM vs 6:15 PM. Have you worked with an astrologer to confirm the time of birth?

Using whole sign houses, the axis of the lunar nodes shifts from NN 6th/SN12th at 4:02 PM to NN5th/SN11th at 6:15 PM signifying different themes and opportunities to learn and grow.

The 6th was once called the House of Slaves. You made a statement that points to slave-consciousness, “I also have a negative habit of offering to do tasks for people when I’m already flooded with work, which frequently costs me. As a result, I’ve been working a crazy amount from my early university years – both jobs and internships, and extracurricular work. It’s stressful, but I can’t live without it.”

Actually, you may be continuing an addictive workaholic pattern pattern from a prior life. With 4:02 PM or 6:15 PM, Uranus/Neptune are square the lunar nodes, a pattern which is called a “skipped step” in “evolutionary astrology.”

Using the method described by Jeff Green and Steve Forrest, it was completing the lessons of the north node which were skipped, and are slaving in the same sort of way as some other persona in another incarnation — doing for others without being true to yourself.

In Uranian astrology, the lunar nodes represent your personal way of interacting with society.

With Uranus and Neptune square the lunar nodes, your unique dreams, visions, and aspiration may be at odds with the customs and social institutions of your culture.

In Pakistan, is there a niche for a “plant-nursery-based business?”

(Or are you living in another part of the world?)

And what is the focus of your master’s degree? Do you have a thesis?

With Uranus/Neptune square the Moon’s nodes, others may regard you as both an oddball and an impractical dreamer, or even as someone who seems to undermine traditional religious and social concepts.

Do you feel alone in a crowd and misunderstood by your peers?

Do prefer the company of unusual and original people, or do you come across to others as unconventional and unique?

Do you enjoy change and variety with regard to your associations?

Do you make and break contacts suddenly and unexpectedly?

When meeting new people, do you tend to assess their character intuitively and quickly?

With Neptune in its lower mode, your nudges about people’s character may be flawed, especially when you praise those who don’t deserve it and ignore those who do.

With Neptune lower-mode, deception can by part of the life-game: being deceived by others or deceiving others.

Positively, you can empathize with others and show genuine compassion and devotion. You may associate with creative and artistic people and share an appreciation of the arts, music and spiritual subjects.


One challenge in this chart is the Moon. In Hindu/Vedic astrology, the Moon is the most social of all “planets” in the chart, so the Moon feels most comfortable when it shares a house with another planet and feels most alone when isolated.

In the 4:02 PM chart, the Moon is alone in the 4th House; and it is alone in the 3rd House in the 6:15 PM chart.

In both charts, the Moon is square the Sun suggesting a desire for inner harmony; however, you may often feel discontented and tense. At times, your drive for recognition can override your emotional needs and vice versa.

Are your relationships with the opposite sex occasionally strained, especially when emotional honesty is missing?

Did your parents demonstrate accord or discord in their relationship?


The Moon’s quincunx aspect to Uranus and Neptune may hint at Soul’s goal to push you toward the 12th House of Transcedence and Liberation, i.e., freedom from slavery.

The Moon and Neptune both symbolize the urge to fuse with others around them, and when these planets are combined it heightens sensitivity to the environment, and shows the ability to be kind, caring, and comforting towards others.

At the same time, the Moon with Uranus points toward a emotional need to be free from and liberated from emotional attachments and entanglements that are no longer needed.


In Hindu/Vedic astrology, the lord of the 12th House in the 8th points toward seeking a life which is free from bondage. With Mars as the lord of the 12th and 7th, you have the courage and strength to work through the trials and limitations which seem to snare and entrap.


In the 4:02 PM chart, Pluto, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter point to emphasis upon awakening from the mass-hypnotic-trance called “death.” In the Hindu/Vedic tradition, “death” occurs when we forget our identity as eternal and immortal beings. As Siddharta Gautame said, “‘Death‘ begins with the first breath.”

In Hindu/Vedic astrology, the 8th, 4th, and 12th are houses of Moksha, liberation from the treadmill of earth-bound living


There are six asteroids which further emphasize the possible possibility that Soul’s goal in this life includes openness to other realms.

You may send a PM if you would like further information.

With sincere and reverent respect,
and with grace-filled loving-kindness,