Does Mom have serious health issues?


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It seems that every now and again some "silly" issue comes up which makes me have a horary every now and then. Is it that Horary gives us a sense of comfort? Or feeling that we can know the answer?

Well, here's the issue. Admittedly my mind's been having negative thoughts recently surrounding terminal illnesses(I don't even know why, my family history is excellent). Then our family doctor called surrounding mom's test results. Her urine had a bit of blood in it and apparently she has diabetes. But, is there something more to it?

(My 'mother' per say is my grandmother, she's raised me since I was a few months old. I'm not sure if that'll change the reading any).

Chart Details:

I'm Aquarius(Saturn) which is represented by the square to Neptune in Pisces. I guess that references the state of mind I'm presently in.

The quesited would be the 6th house, ruled by Cancer(Moon). The Moon itself is in a very interesting Grand Water Trine with Neptune as well as Mercury.

Venus on the 12th house cusp opposing Jupiter is suspicious to me. But the chart for the most part looks pretty good. I think things are going to be okay.


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I recently had a lab test showing a small amount of blood in my urine, which I never noticed. To be on the safe side, my doctor ordered a bladder scan, which was fine. He and the specialist said that tiny amounts of blood in the urine are very common, and once they see what's going on with the scan (mine was normal) you only need another one if or when the amount of blood significantly changes.

I assume the answer you want is that your mother/grandmother will be OK. This chart looks like it to me. You really aren't the operative person here-- it would be your grand/mother, and her bladder (8th) or health (6th) Whether we look at the 10th or the 4th (mother, father's mother, mother's mother) we can see if they point to the same place.

I would turn this chart to start with the 10th (grandmother/mom) as the first, and her bladder as the 8th from the 10th. This gives us the 6th house, ruled by the domiciled moon, which applies to an exalted Jupiter. The 8th from the 4th house is the Jupiter-ruled 11th house, leading us back to the exalted Cancer Jupiter.

The moon applies to an aspect with Venus (in her own face); and Venus, to Jupiter, with the moon translating between them.

You may have some anxious moments, but this is normal.

Please let me know how it turns out!
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Thanks alot, my grandmother'll have her checkup this upcoming monday so I should have an update then :). I've actually gotten very rusty astrology wise so yeah I didn't quite have my best reading here.

And of course I was bias'd in the hope that the chart would read for some good news(Like I said, we all need comfort) and it looks like the stars were willing to give me comfort.